Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Health & Fitness || Body Positive & Losing Weight

I was recently challenged on social media for using a body positivity themed hashtag on an image shared from my weight loss Instagram. I know this already sounds petty and it really is, but actually, maybe it is something I need to talk about. Maybe it does seem a bit hypocritical to say I'm happy with my body and that I'd like to change it in the next breath.

The thing is, whilst I am finally happy and accepting of my weight and body image, I do need to lose weight because I'm not healthy. I think us women are beautiful whatever shape or size, I think confidence is everything. I don't think being over weight necessarily means people are unhealthy, but for me this is the case. I also think inner beauty really does shine through, so size and appearance isn't everything, but also the need or want to lose weight doesn't contradict that and I do believe you can do both alongside each other. 

Currently my own body struggles to function with my weight. I get crazy amounts of pain because the strain on my back is too much, my bones are too weak to support what is on top. I'm getting older, it's getting harder to lose weight and it's getting riskier being bigger.

So, it's not that I'm not body positive because I want to lose weight, but more that I plan to love my body every step of the way, be that in my current unhealthy state, or a slimmer potentially happier one. I want to be strong and I want to live. I'm proud of what my body has achieved, but I need to care for it better.

It's really no business of anyone but me what I think of my own body and it's kind of unpleasant having my own words questioned, but it is what it is. My main point really is just that it is possible to be happy in your skin at the same time of wanting to change it. It would be crazy for me to not want to make any changes when I'm making myself poorly and have the potential to feel better and do more with the kids.

No matter what anyone else says, love the skin you're in, but do what you need to in order to be truly happy and healthy for yourself.