Sunday, March 25, 2018

Life || March

March if I'm honest has been pretty dreary. I've really struggled with my own health and issues with my blog have had me in tears more than once over the past few weeks. I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself now really and just really holding onto things by a thread. I'm not giving up but just have a serious dent in my mojo right now. 
With just two days left of school runs, I'm looking forward to a break, getting out of our routines and out of town for a bit with the kids. It's crazy how fast this year has gone isn't it? Just thinking about Easter being here already is nuts, let alone that my babies turn 4 and 7 this year! I find it all a little too much to think about, particularly when I'm as delicate as I am right now with all the other bits going on. 
Blog wise, as I mentioned I'm still trying to sort some issues out, it's nothing major really but just so so frustrating and I have no idea how to fix a few of the issues I'm having at the moment. For now, my coping plan is literally just to 'keep calm and carry on' as I don't really have any choice and want it all to carry on and pick up at some point. Meanwhile, I have some lovely bits to review and some work in the pipeline, phew!


Wearing - March has mainly been about keeping warm, again! I'm still loving my bandannas, biker jackets and sunglasses as big as my head. I've not had much shopping time or funds this month, but Primark has been my friend when I needed a fix.

Food & Drink - We've not really tried anything exciting and new this month, but I have been making a little more effort with healthier foods and a bit less snacking. My favourite thing to eat is probably the sweet treat that is Ice Gems! Do you remember those? They are around 100 cals a pack and I just love them when I need a sugar hit.

Watched - I'm a bit of an Eastenders addict at the moment so I'm not missing a single episode. We've watched the Unabomber series on Netflix which we loved, as well as Mindhunter which was really good. I need a good series with LOADS of episodes to watch, so if you can suggest anything for us to watch in April, let me know! We like anything gangster or violence related (how bad does that sound??) as well as any real thinkers with a great story.

Disliked - I mentioned last month about how my mental health had been playing up, particularly around my monthlies. I have since been to the GP and been prescribed a mini pill to hopefully even out my mood and make me feel better through the month. So far, I've been on it around three weeks and although my mood has been stable, it hasn't been great. I've felt REALLY low at times and been crazy bloated, I actually gained 12lbs in three days from bloating at one point, so I'm having to be careful and take water tablets when I feel it getting bad. So my dislike this month is the side effects of these tablets which I hope will have subsided this time next month. I'm sick of feeling rubbish!

Loved - I'm still loving listening to my music. I need to get some decent headphones, but I'm really enjoying going through all my old cds and reminiscing. My favourite thing this month has probably been my bed. You can't beat the cosy safe feeling of bed and when you're feeling low, it has magical powers to ease you.

Most popular blog posts - My most popular posts March were;

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Favourite Photo - It's got to be this one of Soph. She looks like such a dreamy princess and cut her own hair the next day so it kind of makes it even more memorable!

So that was March for me, how was yours?