Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Kids Stuff || Tech Decks Are Back!

Although I've been very good at the actual skateboarding part, I've always been a skater girl at heart. Even at 33 I'm still wearing skate wear, feeling nostalgic with boarding brands like Element and even better, introducing my own kids to a world of beautiful boards, tricks and fun. I spent so much time as a teen going round skate shops eyeing up the boards and marvelling over the intricate designs and gnarly illustrations.

Part of the love of skateboarding for us was Tech Decks back in the day, with finger boards, BMX and ramps. I was about as good with a finger board as I was with a regular board, but my husband Adam was great at both, show off. Tech Decks are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, so it's a great time to reminisce our old skater days and have fun with the boards.

Tech Deck is back once again, with their unique replica line of action sports toys and collectibles, featuring real graphics from the world’s biggest and most coveted skateboarding brands including: Primitive, Element, Plan B, Enjoi, Toy Machine, Baker, and many more.

This week we were kindly gifted some Tech Deck products from Spin Master to try out with the kids and we were all pretty excited, especially Adam. We were sent three products from their new range, with the Build-A-Park (£10), 4 pack of boards (£9.99) and Single 96mm finger board pack (£2.99). Now the thing I love best about Tech Decks is the detail in them, the brands featured and all the miniature accessories to fit your own trucks, wheels and grip tape. There's something about anything being in miniature that I adore, as do the kids. Also there's stickers! Everyone loves stickers right?

Introducing the kids to the world of skateboarding is so much fun and they've loved seeing the Tech Decks, creating their own boards and attempting their tricks. They may also be a little hooked on  finger board trick videos now too and there are lots on the TD website.

The videos are a great place to start for anyone serious about getting skilled with tricks on their mini boards and learning all the different techniques as a beginner.

We've had great fun playing with our new Tech Deck toys and the main thing I notice is the quality of them, they're built to last and very robust. The prices are very reasonable for all that's included too which is always a good thing. These would be a great present for any kids finding an interest in the world of skateboarding, or an older skateboarding fan that still loves the scene and will appreciate all the branding and collecting opportunity.

Alf found building them fiddly but did OK with a little help. I think this kind of careful concentration is a great thing for him to learn though, so next time he will be fine to make his own board alone. Soph loves playing with them, but at three she didn't help with the tiny screws and bolts (though she would have if I'd let her, but didn't want to lose any bits!).

You can find the Tech Deck range in all good retailers such as Amazon and The Entertainer and are suitable for ages 6 and upwards due to the fiddly nature of the build and weeny pieces. Both mine think they are great! For more, check out the Tech Deck website.

Are there any tech Deck fans in your family?