Monday, March 26, 2018

Mama Style || March Favourites

March has mostly been another cold month with a few bright sunny days. I've felt pretty low and poorly this month, with new meds making me a bit sick and just generally feeling over tired and stressed, so style hasn't exactly been at the top of my priorities this past few weeks. I do always try and get made up, do my hair and pick an outfit out that makes me happy though every morning, as it does have a huge impact on how I feel and forces me to have that few minutes devoted to myself each day which I think is really important.

This month has been a lot about keeping warm, hiding the bloating that I've really suffered with (thank you medicine) and trying to sort out the land slide that is my current wardrobe. Most of my clothes are in a big pile waiting to be sorted for hanging, washing, storing and donating. My back went a couple of weeks ago when I was mid sort out and I haven't had chance to sort it yet! So for now, it's floordrobe city in our bedroom and I'm surprised at how much I have seeing it all laid out. I'll be getting rid of a fair bit and making sure those 'must keep' bits that are slightly snug are out of sight for the time being while I focus on getting happy and feeling good in the clothes that do fit.

I haven't done much shopping this month really, though I have picked up another couple of the Primark £2.50 patterned t-shirts as I'm loving the tee/cardi look. I got a gorgeous check shirt from TK Maxx, a basic item but it has stretch to the arms and side panels to it actually fits well unlike most shirts, without compromising on arm space or having it bag over my body. I've been all about the casual, bringing back my Adidas originals top which I love, my trusty bandannas and skate wear.

I love wearing sunglasses and I'm so happy with the Primark ones this year. being £2-3 a pair I can stock up, not be too precious and wear them to absolute death which I have done already. I have a real issue with sunlight hurting my eyes, so I wear them more than is probably normal.

My biggest purchase this month was a new pair of GHD hair straighteners. After mine breaking a few years back, I have been using some Tresseme ones which are OK but not quite as good. My first GHDs lasted about 12 years so I really got my moneys worth! I had some Amazon vouchers left over and decided on a bit of a whim to treat myself. I'm so glad I did as they have made a huge difference.

What's been your favourite OOTD choices this month?