Saturday, March 17, 2018

Home Style || Embracing A World Of Colour

Once upon a time, we all decorated our homes in a nice shade of magnolia. We opted for neutral carpets, neutral furniture and 'safe' options across the entire home. A lot of these choices came down to the thought of resale. Who would want to buy a house that's packed with someone else's choices of colour? Wouldn't it make your house worth less?

Maybe. But let's worry about that when we are actually going to sell.

This kind of thinking is fine in terms of buying to sell. If you're renovating a house purely for resale, then yes, depending on your target market it is often a better idea to opt for bright light colours that open spaces and give people the chance to imagine their own decor and interiors in the blank canvas of each four walls. 

When it comes to our own houses though, particularly lively family inhabited homes, why not embrace a full palette of colour, express your loves and create a home that fully suits you and reflects your personality. Life is far too short to live in a magnolia box, let's paint it mustard and stick in a bright blue chest of drawers!

1. Duck egg vanity unit | 2. Fly pendant | 3. Wide drawer chest | 4. Bedside locker | 5.Cassie yellow sofa | 6. Stripe cushion | 7. Plant outdoor cushion | 8. Pyramids rug | 9. Smeg fridge | 10. Herbarium wallpaper

It may even just be a feature wall with bold, colourful statement wallpaper, a rug that ties all the colours together or screams 'look at me!'. Nowadays, you can sneak extra colour into every room of the house and create the exact home you want. If you like colour, embrace it! Who says you can't have a blue kitchen? (Although my husband says no to a blue kitchen...)

If you're worried about changing tastes in the future, you can always opt for something a little more subtle like a pastel colour or easy to change item. I'm all for being in the now though, buying what we love and just injecting rooms a bit more personality with a blast of colour. 

Do you embrace colour in your home decor?