Friday, March 09, 2018

Photography || Snow Day Adventures

Since Alf was born over six years ago, we've only had one decent load of winter snow and he was too small really to remember it. Every year we've been wishing for a flurry of white stuff to have some proper fun in, building snowmen, having snowball fights, sledging and all that fun stuff that we didn't fail to encounter once over winter when we were little, but with climate change etc the seasons are so much more unpredictable now and the kids really miss out. Soph bless her has been desperate for snow and as a HUGE Frozen fan, she's been desperate to say 'do you wanna build a snowmaaan?' to Alf and actually mean it.

Much to the horror of many, the beast from the East storm hit the UK last week and here in Lincoln we were hit particularly badly, seeing the most amazing snow showers and blizzards I have ever seen. We've seen icicles as tall as us, frozen hair, snowy eyelashes and had some really fun days in the park on our sledges and even though it was too fluffy to build a decent snowman, the kids faces just made every second of cold worthwhile. To make it even better, Adam had to work from home so I didn't need to worry about him driving to work and although he was hiding away on his computer, it felt lovely knowing where everyone was and keeping them all safe over the few days the storms hit.

As I write this, the snow has all now gone, it's warmed up to around 11 degrees and the pavements have been cleared of the slushy grey mess. Work and school has returned in full swing. The kids school was closed for three whole days so they've had an amazing week and I'm so so happy I finally got to enjoy it with them and they're at an age where they will remember it too.

I thought I'd share some pictures from our snow days as it was so special and made for some of the most amazing sights, like the frozen fountain in the park and Elsa worthy icicles. I loved seeing families playing together in the park and although it's not ideal for those working from home or self employed, it was just so lovely.

Our snowy adventures

Did you have much snow where you are?