Saturday, March 10, 2018

Healthy Mama || Maxislim BerryTrim Review

In my weight loss journey this year, I have to be brutally honest in the fact that I'm straight up greedy. I find it hard to put the breaks on when I'm enjoying something tasty and so completely spoil my efforts with binges and over eating at meal times. I've been really struggling with hormones and PMDD which I find really doesn't help me get anywhere.

Although the excess eating in itself is just a habit I need to break, I'm all for anything that may just give me a helping hand breaking those particular habits and making it a easier to manage.

Just recently, I was contacted by Maxislim and offered their BerryTrim product to review from Healtharena, which contains high strength Glucomannan and has been dubbed the ‘gastric band in a glass’. As this isn't faddy and simply helps you feel fuller along side your regular healthier diet, this sounded perfect, helping to to begin eating less at meal times and hopefully even filling me up for longer to avoid any excess snacking.

Maxislim BerryTrim comes in powder form and it can be mixed with water three times a day. I've tried a similar product before with success, so I was excited to try this out and see what a difference it made and of course how it tastes. Prior to starting these, I have been losing one pound per week pretty consistently since new year, so without changing anything else it would be easy to gauge if these had worked their magic or not worked for me. 

Taking Maxislim BerryTrim

When mixing up BerryTrim, I found the colder the water was, the more I enjoyed it. The taste is really just like a berry/blackcurrant squash or maybe cold fruity tea, so it's super easy to drink if you like that kind of thing like I do. The taste is definitely better than the smell, so don't be put off! Its very 'berry' in taste and  lot easier to drink than some alternatives, containing just 22 calories per glass. You do need to drink this quite quickly though as it can start to thicken up which makes it less enjoyable to drink, a bit like melted jelly. It's worth mixing it really well too as the last few sips can be a bit harder to swallow if still thick and unmixed. The thickening up is all a part of helping you feel fuller, so once it's in and thickening, your tummy will require less food and hopefully, eat less!

Results With Maxislim BerryTrim

Having used Maxislim BerryTrim over two weeks, I certainly noticed a reduction in my regular food intake which resulted in a slightly higher weight loss, in fact around double the losses I'd expect from my usual eating. I didn't have quite as many as suggested (they suggest one before every meal but occasionally in the morning I didn't fancy it or I forgot to take one with me on days out), so I do believe I could have achieved even better results had I stuck to it 100%. I feel fuller on Maxislim and definitely less inclined to grab snacks or binge eat. There is no doubt that this product works and anything that encourages me to take in more water has to be a good thing.

Thoughts On Maxislim BerryTrim

For someone like me that struggles with portion control, this was a great way of reducing my food intake and also getting me to drink a little extra water. I didn't mind the taste so I had no problem getting it down and definitely notice a reduction in my appetite on the days I had this correctly.

Unfortunately I had a rubbish week or two following my trial, with snow days and crazy hormone issues and I managed to regain the weight, but this was purely down to my own greediness and absolutely no reflection of the product itself. If you are already following a healthy eating plan then this will definitely give you an extra boost and I would highly recommend it.

It is always worth investing in a product like this when you are in the right mindset so you don't ruin your efforts like I did. I've saved the rest for next week where I intend to be on plan 100% and include this in my daily plan, so I'll update with any more results now I'm feeling better and more 'on it'. I would definitely buy this again.

Maxislim BerryTrim is available right now in all good health stores and pharmacies, it's vegan friendly and made in the UK too. You can find out more at

Have you tried Maxislim BerryTrim before?