Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Home Style || Embrace The Quirky

Quirky home buys - love or hate?

This is definitely a Marmite collection and you're either on the 'what is this hideousness?' side or the 'this is genius' camp. I'm afraid to say I love a bit of quirk in any way shape or form and that doesn't change when it comes to home decor.

I'm not suggesting for a second that you bulk buy this lot and stick it all together in one room, though if that's your bag then embrace it and fill your boots! One statement item in a room though can add fun especially in a family home and also add a talking point for visitors. There's no fun in every home looking the same so this is really where you can inject a bit of that lost childhood fun into adult life. Why live in a cream box when you can live in a fun colourful space that beams personality?

1. Abigail Ahern lamp | 2. Ilaria cluster light | 3. Rodnik shark chair | 4. I Love Retro - toucan book ends | 5. Habitat sage side table | 6. Zazzle octopus cushion | 7. Miu cuckoo clock | 8. Abigail Ahern hare lamp | 9. Balico rug | 10 NOTHS Dino planter | 11. I Love Retro bird feet Mirror | 12. Qeeboo umbrella stand | 13. Table on wheels   

I love animals and any way I can incorporate these into our home whilst playing grown ups is a big win for me. The mirror with bird feet is probably my favourite, it has a vintage curiosity kind of vibe to it and it's quirky but subtle. The tables aren't the quirkiest but you can see they are a little more fun than the norm and would make more of a feature than a regular side table. No matter what your home is like, if you like something a little different then there's plenty out there to choose from, even maybe just a fun art print or planter.

Are you a fan of quirky home wares or are they a big NOPE?