Friday, March 02, 2018

Mama Life || Making Life Better With Music

I've always loved music, but since having kids I rarely actually listened to it unless driving in the car, until recently. We all know that music can really lift your mood, help us through emotions and make us feel better on darker days, but just recently I've got into music again in a big way and it's really helping me in areas I struggle with. In fact, I'd go as far to say that re-introducing music every day has completely changed my life lately for the better. I've even had my guitar out this week to show the kids how to play.

My music choices change day to day depending on my mood and what I'm going to be doing, but I thought I'd share a few ways I've used music to battle my demons, making life a lot easier and getting jobs done. Boom!

On the school run

I make no secret of the fact I hate the school run with a passion. I just find the whole thing stressful, I have to hand over my babies and the playground is jam packed with people with a total bottle neck of people budging each other to get in and out. I started to really get panicky about picking the kids up and on the few days they are both in, I'd find by the time I got to school I'd struggle to breathe and have chest pains from the anxiety of it all - it's really that bad for me! Needless to say, I started listening to music on my solo walk to school and it's enough of a mental distraction to focus my mind, maybe even put a smile on my face and get me to school in a calmer, less anxious state. I switch my music off when the kids come out so we can talk, but Alf does like to have a quick listen to see if he likes my music choice for that day, so far his favourite is the Foo Fighters!

Cleaning the house

Cleaning, tidying, washing, sock matching, decluttering and ALL that fun stuff is such a chore isn't it? I am so easily distracted and quickly find myself avoiding these jobs while I'm at home and things needed to change. By blasting out some good upbeat happy music, I find I get a surge of energy and enthusiasm that really helps me get the jobs done. I've had some questionable music choices (sorry neighbours) but it's truly helped me and our house is finally looking better for the first time in years. I even reached the bottom of our washing pile!

Exercising & walking

As someone that lives with a lot of pain and tiredness, I do find the thought of exercising pretty impossible. I won't pretend that introducing music has transformed me into some kind of fitness beast, but it has helped a huge amount. I've been trying to walk a lot more and it's really paying off. Listening to music when I'm trying to get the steps in or even just have a dance at home really does give you that rush of energy that just isn't there without music. Music has such a positive physical effect on me and I'm really hoping when I join the gym soon that I'll see the same improvement there with the addition of some good tunes.

I know this isn't earth shattering news that music has such a positive impact, but it's easy to forget and get out of the habit of listening to it when kids come along. I've found that the kids have loved having music on to and often pop into the kitchen for a dance while I'm cleaning, ask for pre-bedtime discos or dance-ercise with me around the living room and we have the TV on a lot less now too.

Do you listen to music much?