Thursday, March 01, 2018

Kids Stuff || Play Time With Lumo Stars

Soft toys were always my favourite when I was little, in fact I still love them now. I never liked dolls, I thought they were creepy, but anything soft and fluffy had me at hello. I still have some of my favourites now, so I can totally appreciate the kids excitement when it comes to plush toys and teddies.

In the past couple of years, the kids have become a bit obsessed with any of the 'big eye' toys, collecting them on days out and holidays to bring home and snuggle.

This week on a snowy day we received some new fluffs in the post in the form of Lumo Stars. Lumo Stars are a collection of soft toys and keyrings in a big range of colours and variety of animals.

We were sent the cat, dog and colourful deer keyring to try out and Soph thought it was the best day ever. Within minutes they'd had their labels taken off, been given names and started joining in Soph's games and stories. Needless to say these are a big hit and will be loved here. Now she just needs to decide which one will go to Alf when he's home from school. The keyring now lives on her coat zipper, so comes with us everywhere!

I love that on the tags there is a name for the animal such as Wuff for the dog, as well as a code for a free app to open up the magical world of Lumo Stars.

The Lumo Stars story is based on a children’s book, written by Kati Heljakka in April, 2017 featuring a whole host of Nordic animals. If you watch the video below you can see how the magic starts!

To see more from Lumo Stars You can visit their website at and you can start your own collection from today, where they go on sale in all good toy shops!

Would your little ones love these too?