Thursday, July 2

My 2015 Bucket List

At some point I'd love to write my actual lifetime bucket list, it kind of blows me away just thinking about all the big things and how quick time will fly by. I thought in the mean time while I am pondering that, I would write a mini bucket list containing a few things that I would like to do by the end of this year. Somehow, writing things down and sharing them publicly works well for my motivation! Some things may seem small, but believe me if they are on here then one way or another it must be difficult to find the time, money or motivation to do it! I'd love an exciting list of adventures but really just keeping on top of the every day stuff would feel like a huge win at the moment!

So here goes, my 2015 (what's left of it) bucket list.

  1. Re-decorate the kitchen (it's a disaster after a load of damp work.
  2. Lose another 14lbs (I've nearly lost 4 stone so far).
  3. Have the house top to bottom perfect, at least once.
  4. Have a spa day.
  5. Have my hair cut (it's been four years).
  6. Finish writing/Illustrating my children's book. (It's drafted on my phone!)
  7. Have a date night with my husband.
  8. Go on a bike ride.
  9. See my best friend (We live 4 hours apart).
  10. Match up or bin all the odd socks!
  11. Have a huge spring clean.
Some of these sound so silly, but believe me they are a big old task for me right now one way or another! Wish me luck. You would think with it being July that this all seems totally achievable but I am already panicking about getting them all done! I am easily panicked I know. My husband will be very happy about 7 and 8 - but I can just imagine his little bearded face at number one - sorry Mr. Waffle! I can't imagine if 4 & 5 will ever come true but I can but try. Why don't you write one too?

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