Sunday, July 26

Baby's First Year!

Happy Birthday Baby S!

Today our beautiful baby girl, Baby S - turns one! I can't believe how quick this year has gone. I know I am biased but this girl really is the loveliest sweetest baby you could ever meet. She never cried in the night as a newborn, she never once woke her brother in the night, she never fussed being carted around on nursery runs and having to wait for a feed. Baby S had the most gorgeous gummy smile that has now been replaced with a cheeky gorgeous toothy grin! We just love the bones of this little girl and she will be the best sister and daughter in the world. Our little prince A is an amazing big brother and the two of them are inseparable, with kisses, cuddles and cheeky grins to each other already, I can't wait to see their relationship grow as they enjoy their childhood together. Happy birthday to the best girl on the planet.

July 2014 - 0 Months

A tiny squish weighing in at 7lbs 14oz, she arrived at lunch time after a super easy pregnancy and birth, we are truly blessed and just look how adorable and tiny she was. A was the proudest big brother and he was so happy to meet her after talking and singing to my bump and giving it cuddles. True love in an instant.

August 2014 - 1 Month

Straight Away she was the most laid back lovely baby. She slept like a dream and smiled constantly, a happy baby.

September 2014 - 2 Months

A has loved having a baby sister since day one, they made the cutest superhero couple at a birthday party! We love our slingy walks to the park too.

October 2014 - 3 Months

November 2014 - 4 Months

December 2014 - 5 months

First Christmas as a family of four and it was perfect. What a lucky Mummy I am having these two in my life each and every day.

January 2015 - 6 months

First trip in a trolley and getting a little big to lay on her big brother. Loving our girl time when the boys are at work and nursery and loving the big baby gummy grins.

February 2015 - 7 Months

On the move and eating everything in sight, exploring the soft play and being a brilliant play buddy for her big brother.

March 2015 - 8 Months

Truly a lovely duo, a brother and sister like no other - aren't they just gorgous? Look at those big blue eyes. I love shopping for these lovely little dresses too!

April 2015 - 9 Months

Enjoying the sunshine, exploring a daisy for the first time  and looking gorgous in her girly goodness.

May 2015 - 10 Months

Really on the move now, she crawl-ran away from me and got in her cot, stood up and performed this lovely smile. She helped me choose a dress for a family wedding and continues to be amazing. She can also make her way to the trampoline at playgroup and this made her just so happy.

June 2015 - 11 Months

On her feet walking with her walker, really interacting with her big brother which does cause some tantrums here and there from both sides! We had a mummy daughter picnic, she was a total angel. Girls are so different to boys! She just gets more and more gorgeous by the day.

And here she is at one... Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world, what an amazing and quick year that was!

Mama x

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