Thursday, July 16

The Love

I've never really known what I wanted to do with my life or what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still don't really, even though at 31 I'm pretty sure I'm now classed as grown up. Oh shit.

The one thing I've always known is that I wanted children. I wanted to be a Mummy and make lots of little people and have fun with them. I couldn't wait to see what they would look like, pick names for them and play with toys again.

The one thing I wasn't prepared for in all this parenting business was the love. The craziness of caring for someone so much it physically pains you with worry every second from the day they are born. That love is totally undescribable and this little person that you have made is amazing and real and clever - all in one and the fact that they exist at all is a total miracle.

The love you feel is so strong, you can't prepare yourself for it or understand it until it's there. When you have children you really understand what it means to do anything for someone. I would take any scrap of pain, suffering or sadness from my babies in a heart beat and more than anything I want to protect them from everything bad in the world.

There is also the love they have for you. This love is relentless and without rules. They just love you for you. After a day of grumpyness, after a crap nights sleep, a billion tantrums, or arguing over the craziest of things, all is forgiven and the love is there as always. The cuddles and kisses and smiles are there from the start and are the most amazing thing you will ever experience.

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