Tuesday, July 14

My Slim-Fast Challenge: Intro

Losing it: With Slim-Fast!

After I gave birth to Baby S last July, I very quickly realised that I was going to require a lot more energy to cope and keep up with two lively children. I embarked on a weight loss mission which has left me nearly four stone (56 lbs) down so far, which is great. I have however slowed down and come to a bit of a stand still. I think the problem is that I have little time to prepare filling and healthy foods and have been instead resorting to quicker options a lot of the time or even skipping meals at times when baby is crying or her brother is having his eighth poop of the day. I'm in a bit of a menu rut and old habits are slowly creeping back. Quite honestly I have got a bit bored of eating the same old things. I really want to get back on track fully and I am going to have a two week break in which to reset myself, eat an entirely different diet and hopefully bump me past my standstill to a few pounds less than I am now.

I was offered to take part in the two week Slim-Fast challenge and in all honesty it could not have come at a better time. I am so tired at the moment and the idea of not having to think what to eat, other than grabbing a bottle, bar or mixing up a quick shake sounds so good right now! I am a firm believer in eating healthy and filling foods for a long term healthy lifestyle, but I think in the short term to refocus or to shape up for a special event, diets like the Slim-Fast plan are perfect.

I aim to lose one more stone (14lbs) before Christmas, which should be more than achievable, especially with a good loss from Slim-Fast! I received my box of goodies today (pictured above) and aim to get started tomorrow with breakfast. I am keen to get started and it will be a relief grabbing quick meals after months of planning, shopping and recipe hunting. My only reservations are that I have kind of kicked my crisp and chocolate habit (well a lot compared to how it was) so I worry about reintroducing these types of snacks. I will just have to apply strong willpower afterwards as the Slim-Fast snack bars are delicious. My other reservation is that I may get too hungry, I do eat a lot! I need to drink more water though, so maybe this will encourage me to do so. From what I remember, the shakes are pretty filling too - so I am probably worrying for nothing! The fat girl in me is screaming 'Where is the foooooood?!'. My portions are well over sized admittedly, so I think this could be a good exercise in getting used to feeling a bit more hungry, as well as eating until I am satisfied instead of bursting.

The plan has three steps- 'The 3-2-1 Plan'

3 - Snacks by Slim-Fast or 100 calories worth of fruit or veg.

2 - Shakes or meal bars.

1 - Healthy low calorie meal which I will eat in the evening with my husband or children on work nights.

I feel relaxed already knowing I don't have too faff around making myself breakfast tomorrow and have some shakes and bars chilling in the fridge! Calorie wise I shouldn't think I will be eating a lot less than I would be on a 'good' day on my previous diet, but it will be a lot easier to manage from what I understand and those days are few and far between at the moment. Fingers crossed for a few pounds disappearing with Slim-Fast. I will update after my first week and ultimately after the two week trial with my full review. Tonight's job is taking measurements and weighing in tomorrow!

Wish me luck,

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  1. Good luck I'll look forward to seeing how well you do. Nearly 4 stone is pretty amazing though. You should still feel proud of how much you have achieved #weighloseorstay

    1. Thank you! It's going o so far so hoping for a few pounds over the two weeks to get me kick started again :) thanks for reading! xx


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