Thursday, July 9

Til Death Do Us Part

I read a story recently about a couple that had been together since they were eight years old. They spent their lives together in love and died last month just hours apart from eachother whilst holding hands in their death beds. I know, a true love story. One I cannot shake out my head!

You can read the full (emotional but lovely) story here

This story has really got me thinking, it is so beautiful and so sad at the same time. I'm so glad the couple got the wish that they had dreamed of. I think knowing that their wish was granted must have made it so much easier for the family left behind, a blessing not having seen either of them sad and alone. This is such a truly romantic story and one that really shows you the bare bones of what is important!

I've decided that this is my perfect ending too, me and Mr. Waffle - hand in hand, going to sleep when we are really really old! Holding hands whilst eating a great big pizza (each). Sorry Adam - you're stuck with me! 

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