Wednesday, July 1

School Days

I'm so thankful right now that my eldest boy 'A' was an October baby. If he had been just a matter of weeks earlier, I would be packing him off to start school in September and I am definitely, in no way, shape, or form ready for that to happen. I wonder if I ever will be? 
My Facebook news feed is full of pictures and proud post 'taster day' comments. It's lovely to see - but fills me with dread at the same time. I know my time will soon come!

Me looking cute at school!
We have the odd day where I think he is more than ready and I know he will enjoy it and have lots of fun when the time comes. Part of me though, wants to pack us all up and run away so he never has to go! Can I do that?
It sounds stupid, but to me it feels like I am officially handing my baby over. Giving up my 'job', letting someone else take the reigns. I worry that they won't look after him, they may not notice bullying or if he is upset or hurt. I also know he is in no way a baby any more and I am being completely ridiculous!

As well as everything else, I am least looking forward to the 'school run'. Once he starts, that's it - we begin eleven years of walking to and from school. Routines, home work, packed lunches, ripped uniform, scuffed shoes and living to a set agenda.
This idea terrifies me! I love our spontaneous days out, PJ days and chilled out afternoons, I'm sure I'll never feel happy to give that up and I'm not sure he will too easily either. He is so sociable and smart though, I know he needs it.

I have until next September and I plan to make the most of our time together. I will have him for two whole days in the week while he isn't in his new nursery - so I want seaside days out, woodland adventures, zoo trips, park days, film days, cuddles and fun for as long as I can before he starts those exciting school days!

We love pottering around like pensioners!
The only thing I think (aside from having another year) that stops me freaking out is knowing I have my 11 month old at home too. When she gets to the same point, I will really be freaking out, especially as she is a summer baby. What do I do after that? 

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to deal with the school years? Will it feel right when the time comes? I really do hope so!

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  1. When the time comes to dress your little one in a school uniform is tough, very tough. I don't think anything can prepare for that moment when they walk into the classroom and you are left standing outside. its hard but you know deep down a) they have to go to school and b) it will be the best days of their life. Thanks for linking up to #ToddlersAndTeens

    1. Thank you! I know you are right, I wish I didn't have to obsess over it and I could just leave it until the time comes! I'm sure it will be fine when it comes around, he will be way more than ready to go! Thanks for reading :)



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