Wednesday, July 1

What's Your Day Job? - Meet Samantha P!

In this week's 'What's your day job?', I will be introducing you to the lovely Samantha from Coco Butter Blog who will be telling us a bit more about her working life...

Name: Samantha Partridge

Age: 27

A few facts about you: I live with my husband and dog, am obsessed with Yankee Candles and my favourite food is Dominos pizza.

What's your job? Online Content Executive - I manage content across three websites and social media at YHA (England & Wales).

How long have you been doing it? I've been working in this particular job for almost two years now but I've been working in similar roles for about four years.

What do you like best about it? I like that it's crazy busy! I often have several projects on the go at one time which means that I've learnt to be a real plate spinner and I love working under pressure and to deadlines as that really motivates me. The people where I work are also amazing - I love my team and everyone in the organisation is really encouraging, giving lots of feedback all the time.

What is the worst thing about it? There's nothing really bad about it but it has sort of taken over my life - I have all the social media profiles on my personal phone just in case and I can't help but look at them in the evenings and on weekends!

Would you recommend it? I would definitely recommend it to people who love working under pressure and like having a lot of things to do. It's not for everyone but if social media and content are things that you're interested in then you should definitely go for it - it goes pretty much hand in hand with blogging as well!

What's your dream job? I would love to blog full time - that's the dream but it's a long way off yet!

Would you carry on if you won the lottery? Erm, depends how much I won! I do really love my job but I go to work for the money so if I didn't have to, you'd probably find me flying around the world on a private jet instead!

Thank you Samantha! If you'd like to be featured here too, drop me an email. You can find out more about Samantha and follow her brilliant blog here or follow her on Twitter - @CocoButterBlog.

Thanks for reading!


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