Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#SlimFastChallenge - End Of Week One

As you may have read in my first post, I am currently taking up the two week Slim Fast Challenge. I have just completed week 1 and thought I would do an update. I will be doing a full write up at the end too, along with a full review of the plan and products provided, but here is how my first week went.

Total weight lost - 3lbs.

Easy to follow?
Yes - it's been really straightforward. I haven't calorie counted my evening meal as my husband usually cooks and we have a filling and healthy dinner anyway. Otherwise it was just a case of choosing what flavour shake or bar I wanted. I loved not having to think about what I had to make. A welcome brain break.

Mostly! I have felt a lot more satsfied than I thought and really enjoyed the snacks. I tended to save a bag of pretzels to have with my lunch shake so it felt more substantial and stoped me pinching the kids lunches!

Surprisingly yes, I felt a lot more full from the shakes though. When I made up a shake myself I used a pint of skimmed milk which is a little extra, I think this helped with feeling satisfied. It made me realise how much I had started snacking again!

Ready for another week?
Yes. It has felt easy and I am really pleased with the loss so I'm happy to do another week. That said I do always find week one of any diet fairly easy, but fingers crossed!

Appreciating my full evening meal. Loving the chocolate shakes and snacks, the chocolate bars are pure heaven! My biggest highlight so far which I never expected - as someone who doesn't drink coffee, was the Mocha shake! It is so delicious, I will definitely start buying these to have in the fridge for a quick breakfast grab if nothing else, really recommend these and they come pre mixed so even better.

Wanting real food at lunch time then remembering I am having a shake took some getting used to as I am a big time foodie! Knowing my evening meal was coming made it OK though. I'm not crazy about the meal bars, they are a little sweet. It's all about the shakes for me! Having my son ask for some milkshake or some of my snack was hard at times so I had to time it for when they were busy or had their own style shakes and snacks so didn't feel I just wasn't sharing!

I'm really happy with my loss. I expected a pound and hoped for two, but never expected three! If I can get another pound or two off in week two I will be over the moon. I do have a fair bit to lose though, so maybe that helped. I can feel a big difference in my tummy so this would have been great prep if I had to wear a slinky dress or something. Its noticeably flatter. I have found it really easy to stick to. I did have my moments of wanting something else but have been pretty good with just a few extra snacks. If I had stuck to the plan 100% I think my loss would have been around 5lb. Ive struggled this week though as the kids haven't slept (illness, teething etc etc) so I've been craving more fuel!

I am all geared up for week two. Hoping I can plough through and see another good loss.

Thanks for reading,