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HomeSense - Hand Crafted Ugandan Homeware

HomeSense is one of my favourite shops for all my home buys, gifts, toys and even a new jumper for my dog Peg! I posted last month with some of their beautiful decorative items that I felt would make great wedding gifts, if you missed it you can find it here. The shop itself is like a treasure chest and you never know quite what you are going to find, I think this is what I like best. If you haven't been yet, you really should.

From the 13th July, HomeSense (as well as some TK Maxx stores) will be selling a wide range of unique hand-crafted homeware from remote communities in Western Uganda. This range is part of an initiative to help some of the most disadvantaged families increase their incomes, so they can afford to send their children to school. 

I have put together some of my favourite items from this collection below. I love bold prints and colours at the moment, so these fit right in and I think everyone will find something they love.

HomeSense and TK Maxx have been working in the war torn Rwenzori region of Uganda since 2008, enabling more than 10,000 children to go to school by supporting families and farming/weaving communities to improve their skills producing cotton, cocoa, coffee and crafts to sell on the international market. Eight years on, school attendance has risen from 53% of children to 94% - how amazing is that! 

The bespoke homeware is sold under the Rwenzori Trading Company brand and every purchase is helping to achieve long-term improvement to the lives of people in the communities of Uganda. The baskets - made from local weaving techniques retail from £4.99 - £29.99, just to give you an idea of the great value on offer.

It's so easy to take everything we have fore granted and I love that we can help people directly and easily, even just by a little shopping! These items will go on sale on the 13th July and are really worth checking out. There are also a billion other treasures that you will love to look at while you're there! If you pop along this weekend (4th July) you will even get a free glass of Elderflower Fizz to keep you refreshed while you shop!

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Disclosure - I was sent a voucher in return for my time. All opinions are my own as well as keeping full editorial control. Item images were provided by Homesense and edited into a collage by me at

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