Monday, July 27

What's Your day Job? Meet Katie K!

This week I will be introducing you the beautiful Katie, a writer from Dublin, who will be telling us more about her day job.

Name: Katie Kirby
Age: 31
A few facts about you: I live in Dublin, I have a husband and 2 little girls, I lived in the States when I was younger and returned to Dublin for my secondary education, I'm a virgo.

What's your job? I'm an actor
How long have you been doing it? Since I graduated from my acting training about ten years ago- boy, I feel old!

What do you like best about it? The variety of the profession. You don't often get bored.
What is the worst thing about it? The inconsistency of work. It's impossible to plan.
Would you recommend it? If you're passionate about it, absolutely but you have to want it one hundred percent.
Any funny stories? I had to drink tea on stage in one of my first parts as a professional actor. Every night the scene was seamless until the night where the tea went down the wrong way and I spent the following few minutes coughing. The face of the actor working opposite me was priceless!

What's your dream job?
Continue to write novels and be able to make a good living from it.
Would you carry on if you won the lottery? Absolutely, I love having a creative outlet. It's so important to me.

Thank you Katie! If you'd like to find out more about Katie's debut novel, you can find her book here. I can't wait to read it!

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