Saturday, July 04, 2015

Does Money Make You Happy?

We all know how the old saying goes, 'Money doesn't make you happy'. Well I really don't believe that to be true nowadays. I do believe that you can have happy moments that cost nothing; children being born, playing in the park, seeing your baby smile for the first time - to name but a few. All these things are amazing, but money can make things better, it's undeniable. It's not necessarily as simple as 'money makes you happy', but more - not having money makes you miserable.

When you have kids you want to be able to provide the basics and if a time comes where you struggle to pay for those basics, it is definitely not my idea of fun. I've been there and it makes you feel like an utter failure, the guilt is unreal and you feel like the worst parent alive. Losing your job and worrying about bills is certainly no picnic. Money would definitely make that situation better, how could it not?

If you have money you can not only provide for your family, but have days out, a roof over your head and be safe in the knowledge that should a situation arise such as a burst pipe or engine blow out, you can pay for it and carry on without the stress of added debt. You can buy your children all the things they need without worrying constantly about cost and even show them a world of adventures and travel. It is totally possible to live on a small budget, you can live frugally, recycle and reuse. It's great to be resourceful! Sometimes though, I would like that extra peace of mind and to be living more frugally out of choice instead of necessity. I will always teach my children to appreciate what they have and understand the value of money though, I think that is very important.

I would love to be able to afford to not work until the children are both at school. I am lucky we have managed to scrimp and juggle enough for me to be at home in the day times, but then with the cost of childcare there wasn't really much of a second option. Working evenings and weekends takes away from special family and couple time, you feel like you just can't win.

How can money not make you happy, when it's so miserable not having it? What do you think - do you agree?   

Thanks for reading,