Wednesday, July 8

Bargain Buy - Poundland Dry Shampoo

I thought I would start to share some of my favourite bargain buys as I come accross them. In my eyes things are only a bargain if I feel they genuinely work as well as a higher end product, but cost a smidge of the price! 

I was amazed when I tried this new dry shampoo from poundland! 

I usually use a main brand one which I had ran out of. I grabbed this one in an a hurry - not expecting much but hoping it would see me through the day and wow! 

It has a really light spray and doesn't feel caked up or thick once it's on your hair. It has a nice soft grapefruit smell and actually makes your hair look like it's been washed, instead of just less greasy or caked in talc. This is magical stuff and such a bargain. I would buy this over any other right now, I hope they keep it in stock!

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  1. I also randomly picked this up last time I went to Poundland and I also found it to work incredibly well on my hair, much better than various brand-name products! It really does make your hair look freshly washed :)


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