Thursday, July 2

Choosing Baby Names

In my lifetime, I think I have probably named my future babies approximately a million times. It's easy picking baby names. That is, until you are actually pregnant and have the mammoth task and responsibility of naming an actual person for their whole life!

I remember in our baby naming book it said to consider the names carefully and that perhaps choosing a name like 'Adolf' may bring some negative connotations for the child in future (no really?), I couldn't help but laugh especially as it was right there in the A section along with it's 'proper' meaning. I can't imagine it would be too much of a popular choice!

It is really hard choosing names and there is always another child you've met that has been hideous, or a friend with a kid of the name you like, is it OK to choose the same? Friends that are - or have been teachers say it's even harder, so many names ruled out straight away by the thought of children they have taught! 

I loved the name Jude, my husband hates Jude law though so that was out for us. My husband loved the name Matilda, but I really didn't think it suited us or my  ever growing bump. We both loved Oscar as a name, but for someone else's child - not ours. It's hard enough to choose a name, let alone to agree on one.

I downloaded several free baby naming apps, I'm not sure if the fact that they were free was what made them totally useless, or if I am just fussy! I seemed to get names like Sugar-Plum and Nobby, but not much else.

Both of my babies were named at the bump stage. We found out what we were having as soon as we could and the personality of the bumps behaviour (weird I know) already fitted the name and this was strangely exactly how they were on the outside too. We didn't necessarily know that the names would stick once we saw our babies - but luckily they did! 

I'ts funny when I think about having a third. I'm not sure we ever will, but I feel like if he/she had a two syllable name like the two we have already, then it gives us the opportunity of subsequent babies. One syllable though, like 'Bob', kind of puts an end to the baby flow! Almost like a full stop. (FYI - I will not be calling any baby of mine Bob. No offence to any 'Bobs' that may be reading, it's a really lovely name). I do love the name Dot though, so if we have another girl maybe she could be our full stop.

One of the main things to consider when choosing baby names are, how the name flows with your surname/middle name. Also, some names I found hard to say without stuttering or lisping too, so it's good to try the names out loud plenty of times to see how it sounds. 

When you think of surnames think of the inititials too and what they spell out or stand for. Having grown up with a large girl blessed unfortunately with the initials 'JCB', I have seen first hand how this can go! 

It's also worth thinking about how the name will be shortened and if you like it, and also what the name rhymes with! 

I love old fashioned names and there seems to be a bit of a come back now after a decade of unusual and made up names.

Whatever you pick, when you find it you will just know it's 'the one', much like finding the perfect partner, or wedding dress. 

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  1. what a lovely post. It's so true, I have named my future baby thousands of times! R

  2. Both my sons were named at bump stage. We chose a girls name even before I fell pregnant with my eldest son. But we never had a girl. I can't have anymore kids for medical reasons but knowing my luck if I did, it would be another boy and we would really be stuck for names. It was hard enough choosing boys names in the first place.

    Laura x x x

    1. Thanks for reading :) My friend had twin boys the next time round which I think was a real struggle to think of the names! xx


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