Friday, July 10

Hopeless Housewife

I used to obsessively watch Anthea Turner on her 'Perfect Housewife' programme in total awe. They should totally re-run that show. I watched her fold towels with no edges showing, clean and tidy everything in sight immaculately whilst also looking neat and tidy and smiling throughout. Who is this alien creature?! She really is a wonder woman.

I am far far from the world of Anthea and her perfect paws, but I'll gladly put my hands up and admit to being a hopeless housewife.

I look at my own sloppy, chubby reflection (with perfected resting bitch face) through the toddler spit and hand printed dusty mirror and think, 'oh dear'. Something really must be done. Calling Anthea, come in Anthea?

Mentally, I  am totally OCD about the house. I look around constantly listing things that need doing and cleaning, but physically I just can't do it all - so instead I opt for an easier more fun lifestyle. I do get fed up though at the mental lists I have of things to do and the torment of not being able to do it.

I would love to live in a clean and organised home and endeavour to look into ways of improving my overall approach. Maybe the towels can be folded any old way, but them actually making it to the airing cupboard in the first place would be a very good start.

I'm not just a 'housewife', I do work in the evenings too and look after two lively energetic children, three noisy greedy, house trashing cats, two violent axolotls and a clumsy, not very bright dog - while my husband works all week a few towns away, so I do have my work cut out.

When it all gets too much, the
Bumbo gives a lovely head cuddle .
I really don't know how to do most things properly. I clean the bathroom but I'd love to get it hotel clean. I scrubbed the cat pee off the front step today (I know it's pure glamour being me) But is bleach enough to make it clean clean? Why do the cats seem to be drawn to the bleach? How do you even defrost a freezer and why are we doing it anyway?

I am going to try and channel my inner Anthea (she's tiny and I could probably fit her in my ample stomach), and get this house in order.

Hopeless housewife on a mission. But first some sleep. Suggestions welcome!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm afraid I'm totally with you on this one, no suggestions from me. I'm another mental list maker, to busy running around all the time to actually try and do anything, when I do stop I tend to fall onto the settee with exhaustion lol xx

    1. Exactly - I am the same! Pretty sure I can't change but I will have a try :) thanks for reading x

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Lol thats ok! I have bin bags - seems like a good start :) Thanks for reading! x


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