Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bedroom Makeover: Reclaiming Our Bed

There is literally no better place than your own cosy bed. When we first moved in, our house had so much unexpected work to do, the kind of work that makes you think "why on earth did we move here?". We soon got the house to a state that meant we could move in, and quickly decorated in fairly neutral colours so that we could live there and get to know the house before deciding on how it should look. We are getting to a point now where everything is starting to look a little tired, so we are gradually making small improvements to our home.

The first week - straight to work gutting rooms and ripping down a stud wall separating our room!
One thing that has been really noticeable since we moved in and decorated is the change in our bedroom (nothing dodgy - please read on!). A year after moving in and getting married we were pregnant with our first child. From being only a few months pregnant, the baby things slowly took over our bedroom, in sneaked the moses basket and cot, the clothes, the washing, the toys, the monitor, the list goes on. Now we have had two beautiful children that are both settled well in their own cosy rooms, it's time to reclaim our bedroom as our own, make it our cosy space to settle down once the wee ones are all tucked up and finally give it the makeover it deserves. After four years of broken sleep, I think we deserve it too.

I'm starting with our bed. It's the main focal point of the bedroom - hence the name! I can start there and work out what we want to do with the rest. I am going to treat myself to a beautiful new bedspread that will tie the room together and hopefully be a main feature. For me, the bedspread makes a huge difference, so it's the perfect starting point!

Why Have A Bedspread?

Bedspreads bring back so many memories from my childhood, the extra weight on the covers and cosy feeling of being tucked up in winter. The extra warmth provided and the feeling of being safely enclosed in my bed. Perfect.

As a grown up, bedspreads have even more going for them. I love the way they look, they are so soft and pretty! We have a new divan bed which is a total dream to lay on but not great to look at, it needs pretty linens to liven and even cover it up! Bedspreads keep the bedding clean, fresh and pet free. They are the perfect weight to use in summer as a duvet. They bring a room together and add a soft cosy look that makes you just want to dive straight in for a peaceful nights sleep.

Colour scheme?

Without a doubt, a bedspread is a must for our room. It will make our bed look so much more grown up and add a soft touch that we haven't had over the last few years sharing a room with our babies.

The first thing I need to decide is what sort of colour scheme to go for. I think we have narrowed it down to floral/birds with blues and creams (like most our house!) or a cottage style patchwork look with more dominant red colours. I love Cath Kidston style fabrics, so I think I know which one is my favourite so far - which would you choose?

I love the square patchwork bedspread (top left). This is from Yorkshire Linens who have one of the best ranges of bedspreads and bed linens in the UK. It's so very hard to choose but I am trying to steer clear of my usual subtle pale stripes and choose something a little bolder this time. This bedspread gives us so much scope for other decor too,  as well as shabby chic furnishings to match, it's beautiful!

Dunelm also have some gorgeous bedroom linens. I love this pale floral bedspread (top right). It's really subtle and clean looking and would feel relaxing in a totally different way to the cosy patchworks. The only thing is, that it isn't very adventurous for me, seeing as most my house is light blue and cream. It is so pretty though!

Next up is another patchwork quilt (bottom left). It's a slightly different style to the first as the fabrics are a little different and it has some darker colours throughout. I love this one too, but think I may prefer the larger brighter squares of the first as they are a little more modern looking and fun. This one could be paired with pretty much anything though, as it has neutrals, floral patterns, reds, black with some baby blue highlights. It's definitely a contender from John Lewis, though a little out of my budget.

Lastly this blue patchwork bedspread from Tesco. This one is gorgeous isn't it? It makes me wish I lived by the sea (nothing new there) and would go so well with some of my nautical bits and bobs around the house. Ultimately, it's really just a question of blues or reds I think. On the one hand - blues are so fresh and clean looking, but the reds make the room feel so much more cosy and warm which in a bedroom is really important for a good nights sleep. I will have to give it some thought!

As well as the bedspread, I'll be moving on to looking at all new linens for our room. Our sheets and covers have just about had it, the walls and skirting boards need desperate attention and we of course need some new accessories and furniture so this is just the start. There will be cushions, but please don't tell Mr (we already have too many cushions) Waffle, it will make a lovely surprise.

Do you use a bedspread or throw on your bed? What do you love about yours?

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