Sunday, November 22, 2015

Let's Be Five Again...

When I collected A from school the other day, we got stuck at the top of the steps as a whole class or two of four to five year olds holding hands in their pairs were being frog marched back from the town library.

The first couple of children kindly thanked us for waiting. What lovely polite children! Another child excitedly showed us the book that he had taken out and carried on chatting away to us as the tide of smiling children took him through the school doors. Next something really strange but lovely happened.

One child looked up at me stopping the crowd and said "wow you're a really pretty lady". What a nice thing to say. The next two said I was pretty too, followed by several more comments such as; "I like your hair", "nice lipstick", "Have a nice day", "you're a beautiful mummy". I was in shock at their kindness and in all honesty, I'd never felt so complimented. They were all in reception and we all know at that age they simply say what they see. Now I'm never one to take a compliment well normally, but coming from those guys it felt amazing. If I'd looked like something out of a horror film they would have told me. Even A was shocked and turned to me to say "Wow Mummy they were nice!".

Being that age is an emotional roller coaster at times (have you seen 'The secret lives of four year olds'?) But on the flip side it's all just black and white and totally honest. Really refreshing compared to most adults. This age group say how they feel and they do what makes them happy.

These boys and girls were so complimentary which is just how everyone should be. Why not make people smile just for the hell of it? My day was so much brighter simply for a few kind words from a few little fresh faces. I think we can learn a lot from these kids.

I say lets be five again. Lets play, laugh, smile, tell people how we feel, enjoy the simple pleasures and make others happy. Lets enjoy the rain for it's puddles and raindrop races on the window. Lets look forward to the snow for the snowmen and snowballs and not worry about the roads and ice. Lets look forward to the magic of Christmas and not worry about the logistics of it all. Lets focus on the basics, the free and the smiles and forget about the worries, the money and the politics of our boring adult world.

Who's joining me?


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