Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Braun CruZer6 Face: Review

We recently reviewed a shaver (predominantly for Mr. W and his manly bits) for Braun, called the CruZer6 Body. We were asked recently to trial another product from the CruZer range, The 'CruZer6 Face'. Mr. W has a beard (I may have mentioned this several thousand times before) and is constantly on the search for a decent shaver to keep it in check. Up until now, nothing has really cut the mustard, so he was really keen to try this out - could this be what he has been looking for?

Braun CruZer 6 Face

The CruZer6 Face claims to be an all-in-one shaver, catering for Goatte beards, stubble and clean shaves. The SmartFoil and extra wide shaver are said to offer a smooth clean shave, with a twistable styling trimmer that offers two different widths for shaping edges and adding detail. As well as the shavers built in features, it comes with a trimming comb which is adjustable between 4 different lengths. You can use this shaver with a dry face or even in the shower. 

From un-boxing the shaver, we found it's pretty lightweight but sturdy, with a docking charger and a number of accessories. As with all shavers, we had to use a plug converter to charge via the mains, as we lack the luxury of a shaving plug in our bathroom. We had one already so this wasn't an issue, but worth remembering if you are thinking of buying one yourself. There's nothing worse than getting a new gadget and not being able to use it!

I'll hand you over to Mr. Waffle now to tell you a little more about this razor and how he got on during use. Let the battle of the beard commence...

"The CruZer Face feels a lot more 'convenient' than other shavers, it was great having everything I needed in one handy gadget. The battery was brilliant, it didn't reduce in power during use and it was pretty constant in it's effectiveness. Once charged, the shaver battery lasted really well. In fact with pretty regular use, I only charged it once in two weeks. This was more than adequate for my needs. The shaver feels very ergonomic, great quality and good to hold. It feels like it will last well and is obviously very well made.
The trimming guides were very smooth sliding and locked on well. They didn't slip during use like other razors have. They feel pretty smooth on the skin and again very good quality. The twistable styling trimmer worked pretty well on edging hairlines, but hair did need going over a few times. I found I wasn't able to get a particularly clean shave on my neck areas or as close as I would have liked, so I did find myself going over for a final cut with a conventional manual razor for stubble free skin. This was good for straight edges though and for a speedy neaten up with out too much 'faff'.

Overall I would say the CruZer Face is a pretty useful gadget to have, but not completely the answer to my beardy prayers. There is no doubt of the quality and design of this shaver, but if it's a completely clean shave you want, you may need to finish off with another. This is good for a quick tidy up before work or between haircuts on the neckline.
 It is handy too for using in the shower or when wet without having to worry about damaging it. I found that in some areas of the beard, I had to go over the areas a few times for the desired look, but it did get there and looked pretty good. This razor does the job of a few things in one - not quite as efficiently as I would have liked, but a good piece of kit to have in store for travelling or for a quick tidy up".

If you'd like to find out more you can read all about it here on the Braun website.

If you'd like to purchase the CruZer6 Face, you can buy it from Amazon on the link below.

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