November 19, 2015

I Am The Mum Who...

I was nominated by the lovely What My Fridge Says to take part in a blogger tag. It's been so long since I have done one of these but I love them, they are so much fun! This one is a little confessional as it is a list of things I do as a Mum, most of which I probably shouldn't one way or another!

So here goes...

I am the mum who...

  • Is always running late, usually for a silly reason; (baby saw her first squirrel, the dog got her head stuck in the washing machine, the boy broke the key in the door...)

  • Takes a selfie and doesn't notice the pram is rolling away. This may have happened the other day, I totally forgot about the slope, she was fine...

  • Dresses up as a cat and does the macarena because it makes my babies laugh.

  • Has a good stash of embarrassing pictures for when the kids hit their teens, mwaahahaaa.

  • Made my kids totally kooky, but adorable. My son does a pizza dance, they both talk to animals and dance with their bottoms - and why not.

  • Never remembers to hang the washing out. This just means some lots get two or three washes, can't be a bad thing!

  • Constantly worries, about everything. This one I can't help.

  • Lets my son buy a whistle with his pocket money, then plans how to destroy it minutes later.

  • Turns my boys dreams into story books.

  • Is a hopeless cook but tries her best. "Mummy these pancakes taste like gravy".

  • Wants to make the most of every day with my babies. They are growing so quick, I just want to remember everything!
  • Has rediculous ideas. Constantly, like 'let's let the kids bring toy prams to the supermarket', on a busy Saturday... hell.

  • Has no self control at a buffet.

  • Can't let go of old baby clothes!

  • Takes too many pictures but they are all totally worth it! Now I just need a decent camera.

  • Buys too many childrens clothes.

  • Buys frozen mash, seriously - why make it?

  • Discovers that Bumbos are ace to relieve headaches.

  • Washes the school jumper with a wet wipe in the morning rush, after forgetting to wash it.

  • Wants to make their childhood magical, amazing and special in every way. This few years of innocence, excitement and happiness will be gone in a heartbeat, I want them to love it and look back on it fondly.

  • Feels constantly guilty. I think this is just a Mum thing, everything makes you feel guilty!

  • Would do anything in the world to prevent my babies feeling sadness or pain, ever. I'm sure this one is all Mums, now I understand why animals act the way they do when they have babies!

  • Spends far too long playing when I should be cleaning.

That's me.

I am a good Mum (I think), with all the best intentions and plans, that may not always happen. We are always late, I am irritatingly unorganised, but we are happy and I hope my children will look back at the fun and not the times we had a mad dash (disguised cunningly as a race) to school!

As part of the tag, I have to nominate some other bloggers to do the same. If you'd like to take part then great, if not, no problem! If you have already done it - let me know so I can have a read. It's great getting to know other Mums and bloggers! My nominations are;

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  1. Brilliant! Love this. Well written Mrs W! Xxx

  2. This is a lovely post and many of your mummy traits ring true to me too. They look like two happy little babies and your smile says it all, you're clearly having the most fun you've ever had. x