November 03, 2015

Keeping Motivated: November Weight Loss

November is here as if by magic and it's the time of year I struggle most with my food. I love comfort food and the cold weather makes it so much harder to resist those treats and thickening up that layer of blubber. It's time to reflect on last month and get motivated for November.

My goals for October were;

I lost a total of 8.2lbs so I smashed the weight target this month! I also decreased my sweet treats with the help of Bio Chromium, though the physical sugar cravings reduced, there is still my sweet toothed brain to battle with, I'm working on that. All in all a pretty good month taking me closer to my overall goal and healthy weight target. I have now gone from 17 stone 9 pounds to 12 stone 9 pounds, so I am at a loss of five stone now which is the same as 70lbs! I don't feel hugely different some days but I do see it now in pictures and sometimes look at my legs thinking 'who's are those?', weird feeling. Here are a couple of then and now pictures.

November will be tough, I can say that from the off. I don't like the cold weather, though I do love winter clothes best of all! I will be looking for some new foods and ideas leading up to Christmas and hoping to lose a little more for my '14lbs Til Christmas' challenge I set myself, which has 6lbs to go until completion.

So there we go, another month and a little closer to beating the battle of the bulge. This month so far I have some amazing Christmas inspired shakes from Exante to try, as well as some Pharma Nord Bio Chromium with Maqui berry which should continue to help my sugar cravings!

Have a great month!


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  1. What an amazing achievement, I want to lose 14lb so going to do some reading now on these shakes.