November 05, 2015

Squid Soap! Review

Getting into the habit of hand washing with children is so important. It stops the spreading of germs, prevents illness and removes any dirt that may get rubbed off onto clothes or furnishings, a wise move indeed.

It's not always easy to get into good habits though and I think most children go through a phase of not wanting to wash their hands. Luckily for us, A has never been a huge fan of getting his hands dirty. He will happily paint with his hands now but quickly wants to wash them afterwards. He loves to show us how nice his hands smell after washing and usually won't need asking! Sometimes he does need a little persuading though and he can be in a rush too. It's hard to tell if he has washed them thoroughly. Anything that helps the whole process along is most welcome in our house. 

We were asked recently to review a new kids soap called 'Squid Soap'. When you think of squids you think ink - don't you? Well this is exactly the main feature of this soap and it's such a brilliant idea!

When I was a kid and we visited the dentist, we were given a blue sweet which turned our teeth blue. We had to brush until the blue had gone which showed us our teeth were then clean. This soap is made with a similar idea in mind. It has a little ink stamp on top of the pump, so when you push it down, a neat little green spot of ink appears on your hand. Wash your hands until the spot disappears and you know your hands have been thoroughly cleaned, genius. Our daughter seriously hates having her hands wiped so you can bet this will be a godsend when she's that bit older!

The idea of the ink spot seemed to really appeal to A. It made hand washing into more of a game as he wanted to show how good he was at getting his hands super clean and sometimes washed them again afterwards purely because he enjoyed the whole thing. 

I love this idea, it's so simple and it really did work with A to get him to concentrate more on his hand washing, instead of just giving them a quick rinse. The only negative for me is that the ink stamp came off a few times, but it didn't really matter and was never dropped or lost.

The bottles come with a cool super stretchy bath squid that my two adore! These come in four colours too.

You can buy squid soap from places like Tesco and Superdrug and it costs £1.99 for a 250ml bottle which lasts ages. The soap itself is PH neutral too, so it's very mild and gentle on little hands. We loved the design of the bottle, it's really appealing and I liked that the ink stamp has a cover so those of us who don't need as much guidance can wash our hands ink free! 

You can find out more at

A big (squeaky clean) thumbs up from us.


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  1. Great review! I would love to get this for the kiddies, they absolutely love things like these!