Brightening Up The Workspace

I'm so excited. I'm looking into my long term work from home goals and ultimately I'm looking at creating my own work space, either in a corner of the playroom/dining room, or in our conservatory.

As with my usual 'totally jumping the gun' approach, I have a had a little virtual shop to see what sort of inspiration I could muster up to brighten my workspace when we have it all worked out.

My main loves for this at the moment are bright happy colours, geometric patterns, inspirational/happy quotes, bright unusual stationary and quirky furniture. I am in love with this desk and chair - and a retro telephone would be a must! Who needs a cordless one? You can see more of these items here.

I thought I would share my ideas so far, as well as some of my excitement of things to come!

Do you work from home? What are your workspace essentials?

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