November 14, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids!

1. DM Boots | 2. Moochies Phone Watch | 3. Minion Bob | 4. Transformer | 5. Buzz Lightyear RC | 6. Forklift Truck | 7. Ice Cream Bath Toy | 8. Doodle Dot | 9. Anki Overdrive | 10. Frozen Bluetooth Speaker | 11. Tamagotchi | 12.  Captain America Masher Figure | 13. Spiderman Lego  | 14. Personalised Superhero Kit | 15. Bath Gem | 16. Hamster Juggling Balls | 17. Meccano Robot

Kids are so much fun to buy for, if only everyone could be so easy! I've put together this selection for all ages and budgets - a real mix of goodies to hopefully inspire your Christmas shopping this year.

I love a classic pair of Doc Marten boots and I think they are adorable on children! Moochies phone watches allow kids to call their parents mobiles only, what an amazing idea! Definitely worth checking out. Our house will be full of Minions, Buzz Lightyears and Transformers this year which is great - but I wish we had room for a mini forklift truck, it's every boys dream! The ice cream bath toy is just brilliant, Mr Whippy ice creams made in the bath from bath foam, they look so much fun. Doodle Dot draws for you with her crazy legs, if you have an arty one to buy for - they will love this! Anki Overdrive takes car toys to a whole new level, I think we would have to play with it once the kids went to bed!

A little speaker could be a great idea for any little music lovers, this one is awesome and has a Frozen theme (I love Frozen), you may want to consider the headphone option though for a little peace and quiet! I had a Tamagotchi as a kid and I love that they are still going strong and haven't changed one bit! Still a total classic. The Superhero masher figures all link together and kids will have so much fun replacing their heads for feet and giving them gigantic arms! We love our Hulk version, this one is next on our list.

Lego is always top of most kids wish lists and the Superhero ranges are just brilliant! We have a Spiderman mad four year old who adores this set. A personalised superhero kit, perfect for any budding superkids out there! This would go down a storm in the dress up box. This bath gem looks so great in the bath, it projects an amazing array of lights making bath time that little bit more exciting. Hamster juggling balls, just because, well they are extremely cute! Finally, something for a slightly bigger budget, a robot from Meccano that children can build and program themselves - a serious toy for a serious little creator!

I hope you love this selection as much as I do! You can check out my other gift guides here.

Happy shopping!


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