Saturday, November 07, 2015

Christmas Gifts For Pets...

Whether it's a pampered pooch, spoilt snake or a lucky lizard, we all love our pets so why not treat them to something special this Christmas too? Here's a few ideas for the furry ones, from treats to luxury beds for your very own beloved fur-babies.

For The Owners

Firstly, here's a few treats for the pet lovers themselves. From wooden pets for the little animal fans, to state of the art pet gadgets, a little something for everyone;

1. Wooden Toy Pets | 2. Pet Cufflinks | 3. Bloody Love My Cat Bag | 4. Personalised Pet Illustration | 5. Can't Buy Love Print | 6. Motorola Scout Pet Cam | 7. Dog Stamp | 8. Hen Sign

Pet Fashion!

What about some fashion for your furry one this Christmas? Keep your whippet warm (not an inuendo) or your dachshund dapper. A few gorgeous pet wear items that would make great gifts from Father Christmas this year;

1. Flower Collar Accessory | 2. Christmas Dog Jumpers | 3. Whippet Jumper | 4. Assorted Dog Bow Ties | 5. Personalised Bandana | 6. Floral Bow Collar | 7. Tattoo Name Tag | 8. Star Wars Bow Tie | 9. Beaded Collars

Grooming & Food

How about some treats to brighten up the waggy one's day and keep them occupied while you tuck into your Christmas feast? Not forgetting some much needed grooming items to smell and look good for those long lost relatives and a nice new squeaky toy to play with.

1. Personalised Food Bowl | 2. Wildwash Grooming Kit | 3. Xmas Pud Biscuits | 4. Gingerbread Man Toy | 5. Christmas Pet Cake | 6. Personalised Brush | 7. Tweed Bone | 8. Personalised Treat Jar | 9. Personalised Treats.

Now for something a little more fun. Specially made pet beds and play items for your cats. These little hideaways are the perfect gift and create a perfect cosy spot for your pet.

1. Poopy Cat Blocks | 2. Blue Cat Hideaway | 3. Cat Bunk Beds | 4. Pet Teepee | 5. Dog Snuggle bed

There we have it, some food for thought for your pet presents this year. Don't forget to give them lots of extra fuss and if you want to start the festivities even earlier, you can even get them their very own pet treat advent calendar! I love this one from Wilko's - I picked one up for our pooch Peg for just £2!

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