Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy Home - Happy Bathroom

Part of having a happy home, is learning to live with one another, putting those bad habits to bed (not literally) and learning to share and compromise in your new space.

The bathroom is a big area for fall outs with couples. My husband hates other peoples tooth brushes and detests tooth paste in any way shape or form - apart from on his own tooth brush. I hate it when he adds water to the end of the soap to make it last longer (why oh why must he do that?) and the toilet rolls being left out of reach - to be fair that's usually the children!

I was challenged by to put together my perfect bathroom essentials, that would make for a happy bathroom for me and my husband. It sounded like fun and I thought if we only had these items and plans in place from the off, life may have been a lot easier at times! If I could perfect it, it would go something like this;

Dear Husband, 

We live together now and it's going pretty well. We both have habits that we could improve on (you more than me of course). Here are some ideas to ease our regular bathroom battles, making it look better too... 

We need a Tooth brush holder, with separate holes to keep our brush heads separate for your weird dislike of other peoples brushes! A proper Towel rail would mean we can hang our towels up nicely and not have them draped messily over doors and radiators - I hate that. Having a specific Laundry Chest in the bathroom would mean you could put your underwear in there pre-shower, meaning I wouldn't have to pick it up and moan, daily - result! Please please please can we have a pretty Soap dispenser, that we simply re-fill when it's empty and you don't top up with water to make the soap last longer? I manage to get soaked every time and a little bit of me wants to high five your face. A cute Bathroom Bin with a lid to hide the trashy bits, I promise I will use it and not leave my rubbish on the side for you to huff and puff at.  
Bathrobe hook and a Bath robe just for you, to stop you stealing mine. You insist you don't need a bath robe (or house coat as I call them) but then you use mine every day! I'm cold. If I had some decent Bathroom Scales, I wouldn't need to slide mine round the tiles looking for the one that gives me the best result, something that I know annoys you quite a bit when you just want me to get ready.
A toilet roll holder is such a simple thing, we really need one as I frequently sit, well not THAT frequently, only to find you have used the toilet roll for something elsewhere and it's awol - this is not at all fun.
You like to have your towels extra dried and scratchy, I like mine super fluffy and soft. If we had some His and Her Towels we can both have our towels perfectly prepped! Yours will be fried within an inch of their life just as you like them and mine conditioned and heavenly. 
Bathroom Mirror just for you, so you don't break mine - again. You can keep it in a Storage Organiser for all your man stuff! That open bottle of beard oil will one day drive me crazy. I'll have the four drawers for my things. A Double Sink Unit would be perfect for us. We can have one each and keep them as we like them; Mine shiny and clean, yours shiny, clean and covered in stubble. 
We really need some nice lighting in there too, so I'm sure your DIY skills could stretch to fitting some gorgeous Pendant Lights in too! You LOVE DIY don't you?? I will give in and get a little beaker for my night time water, so I don't wake you slurping from the tap, perfect! X

So that's it, my perfect bathroom essentials for a happy home. A few more rooms to sort and we will be there! What are your bathroom battles, do you have any essentials for a happy home?

Thanks for reading,