Sunday, November 29, 2015

Keeping Motivated: December Weight Loss

It's nearly December!

With only a few weeks left before Christmas and the new year looming on the horizon, I must admit this month has been a real struggle to keep motivated with the healthy side of things. Old habits have slightly reappeared,  the cold weather instinctively makes me want to hibernate with a vat of cake and to be honest I have just been completely slack. This is the first update I have not lost weight in a whole year. I have lost just under fie stone all together, so I'm not entirely disappointed with my efforts, but just feel a little silly when it gets the better of me, it's just food!

Last months goals...

From those goals I have only achieved one of them. I got myself some new jeans! OK, so this was the easiest task I had set, but pretty satisfying none the less. The new jeans are a UK 16, when I started I was a UK 22 - so I'm pretty happy with that. I am a little disappointed in myself though, that I not only spectacularly failed to lose my pound a week, but actually gained six  pounds throughout the month, oops.

I know we all have bad days/weeks/months and this was just one of them for me. In actual fact my main meals have been pretty good but the snacking and chocolate habits have been ridiculous and I always struggle this time of year. With that in mind, this months goals are simple, I want to lose what I have gained at the very least and not over indulge in the seasons offerings. My main aim now for 2015 is to not gain a single pound more and then to hammer the  health and fitness in the new year!

December Goal - Stay The Same!

I can't wait for Christmas dinner and my Cadbury's goodies this year! I will be enjoying them so much and it will hopefully make a few weeks of hard work beforehand worthwhile. I was told I have another three stone to lose before I can be referred to a specialist for my bad back, so this journey will continue for quite some time into 2016. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,