November 27, 2015

Our Christmas Eve

I love Christmas and absolutely adore Christmas Eve, sometimes even more than the big day itself! The excitement is still to come, but work and school finish and there is nothing for it but to simply sit in some cosy pyjamas, stick on some Christmas music and enjoy some family time (if you are lucky). Since having children, Christmas Eve is even more special. They are excited, I am excited, I am excited that they are excited. It's all just very exciting!

There are so many new traditions for Christmas Eve now that I would have loved as a kid. I thought I would share some of my Christmas Eve rituals with you all. Yes, we are completely nuts, but so passionate about making Christmas magical for the children while they are small and excited, the craziness is totally necessary. Childhood should be as magical as possible in every way and Christmas is the perfect time to go all out.

Reindeer food

As it starts to get dark, out on the pavement goes our reindeer food! Of course they are magic, so this includes edible glitter and oats. The reindeers will see the sparkles and know where to guide the sleigh! A was three last Christmas and he really loved this and having a quick look at the stars to see if we could spot the sleigh flying over at the same time.

Treat plate

As a child I always loved putting the beer, minced pie and carrots out, but last year I made our very first official fancy pants treat plate. A carrot for Rudolph, as well as a drink and mince pie for Father Christmas, all in their little sections. This was super easy to make by drawing in a cheap white plate with Sharpies then baking in the oven. It doesn't need to be perfect - it's just fun! I stil cringe a little saying 'Santa' instead of Father Christmas', but it does tend to be the norm now and let's face it, it fits on the plate much better. Here's one I made earlier as they say... 

Christmas Eve Box

During the day I'll present Mr. W and the kids with their Christmas Eve boxes. These are so popular now and I just love them, others I'm sure won't be so keen. For me it kicks off the fun and festivities. We were always allowed to open one under tree gift on Christmas Eve as a kid and I loved it. The box is an extension of that for me. We include Christmas socks and pyjamas, a Christmas film, film snacks and hot chocolate. It's just a little thing, costs very little, but it's so much fun.

Magic Key

Last year Father Christmas dropped his sleigh key in our hallway, it was the first sign that my son had that he had been! This year we will leave it out for him so he can take it back. Magic keys are usually left out for people that don't have chimneys so that FC can get in to deliver the gifts. We have chimneys, so for our kids it's his magic sleigh key that he will clumsily forget every year!

Image result for magic key

Bed time!

Everybody including adults must be asleep at midnight when the magic happens! I am still as excitable and awake as ever and I cant wait to set up the room like my parents did with balloons etc, it was so magical and I've got such happy memories. I think if you are awake at midnight, the magic just won't happen! Who can take that risk?

Do you have any other Christmas eve traditions? I cant believe in a month it'll all be over!

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  1. We put up our tree today and we're all so happy. On christmas eve we'll make hot chocolate and eat flumps and even open a little present. I'd like to watch something christmassy too like The Muppets christmas carol.

    1. I'm so excited about the tree and very jealous!! Sounds perfect, I love the Muppets Christmas carol too! :)

  2. Pam Francis Gregory28 November 2015 at 21:26

    Always leave a little brandy for Santa!

    1. We are leaving him some Prossecco and a pear cider ;)

  3. Reading this makes me feel even more chrimassy!!! I can't wait!! We have similar traditions. I defo need to make one of those plates this year. D will love it!! X

  4. Christmas time is always great for our kids. It's a time when we can feel ourselves like in the fairytale. I'm always present something to my family. It's always hard to find the best present. Especially for your lovely ones. Last year I decided to present something special for my girlfriend. That was a love letter. While writing love letters to her I understand that I love her so much. That was a wonderfull experience. Wish you to feel the same this Christmas. All the best to you and your family!

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