The Bullies

Ever since nursery time edged closer, I've partly dreaded my children heading off to school. I know school is good for them and that they will love it and thrive - but my biggest fear of all is the bullies.

School must be so much harder now  bullies are armed with camera phones and social media. I hope my children will never experience bullying and today when I collected my son, his teacher told me something I really didn't want to hear and my heart sank.

Two boys had not let A join in their games and had made him sad saying horrid things to him. Now I know this isn't exactly the height of bullying, but on hearing the news my heart goes heavy and the concrete ball grows in my sickening tummy, just thinking about my little man being made to feel sad.

A is at an age where everything is still pretty much sunshine and rainbows. He loves the world, he loves everybody and approaches everything with nothing but happiness and smiles. Everything excites him and he wants nothing more than to have friends to play with. The idea of someone changing that for him at the age of four is just heart breaking. 

I know bullies will be around forever and at every age (even at 31 I find other mums can be just as bad) but I just want to wrap them up and keep them safe and not have to learn some of the hideousness of life at such a young age. Why can't everybody just be kind?

Needless to say, within minutes of exiting the school gates he was jumping around as perky as ever, but that few minutes of sadness are horrid as a parent. He is my baby and I can't keep him safe.

The school have a brilliant approach to this kind of thing and the boys were dealt with accordingly for their age. I still cross everything that he doesn't experience any of the bullying or witness anything like I did at school! 

How do you cope with bullies? What can I do to make it easier?

Thanks for reading,