Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hang A Bauble - HomeSense Christmas Charity Campaign

From Monday and throughout December, HomeSense will be running a campaign for the sixth year running to raise money for Action For Children. This is a charity close to my heart, a favourite shop of mine and Christmas all rolled into one, brilliant!

I really love the idea of their 'Hang A Bauble' campaign which is where you purchase a plain bauble for just one pound, write on it a festive message or favourite childhood Christmas memory and hang it on the giant tree in store. A tree of happiness, raising money to create even more. This is truly capturing the spirit of Christmas, I think it's brilliant. Last year they raised over 150k with all proceeds going to the charity helping vulnerable children! Well done HomeSense!

My favourite childhood festive memory, was my late uncle giving me a furry snowman doll and making me laugh with wind up chattering teeth! What are yours?

Whilst in store you can pick up some of their other gorgeous baubles too for your tree at home, like the stunning selection below;

I want them all!

So while Christmas shopping this year, why not take a second to reflect on those happy Christmas memories and help HomeSense with their brilliant campaign for Action For Children too.

Just think how much difference could be made if we all just hung one bauble!

Thanks for reading,