November 22, 2015

I Miss My Phone!

Around two weeks ago my smart phone decided enough was enough. It couldn't take any more blog admin, it had taken it's last selfie and decided to slip away to the land of wherever mobiles go in their sleep. It was gone, it was dead and that was that.

I have kindly been lent another which is great for the essentials - i.e A's school can ring if need be and I can text my husband. I have loaded a few regular apps on but it can't function as I need it to. I miss my phone more than I ever thought I would!

As shallow and materialistic as this sounds I miss it so much. It's not just a phone it's a place I note down my thoughts, draft the books I'm writing. It captures our happy moments in pictures and fills boring minutes with exciting videos and happy music.

I knew I used it a lot but not having one like normal is so bizarre,  I feel a little lost, I miss my pictures and it has hit my blog hard! Roll on December.

Fingers crossed for an early upgrade.

Could you live without your phone? What Android phone would you recommend for me next - I need a good camera!


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