November 07, 2015

I Love My Home - Lighting Loves

Lighting Loves

I've always been fascinated with lighting, from candles and lanterns to the more dramatic of chandeliers. Lighting makes the biggest difference to a space in and out the home and it can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room, with one simple switch.

holophane lamps
Picture - Espace Nordouest
Since we set up home, we have mentally moved on slightly from the one pound paper shades (though I still kind of love the way they look). I'm looking at it all in a new light (sorry - terrible pun) and there is a lot on offer right now. My tastes are changing so much and I just wish my pocket could keep up with my wish list in this house. I've been looking for inspiration and thought I would share some of my current lighting loves as well as a selection of favourites from 'Not On The High Street'.

Our House

There are a few nice lights in our house, mostly IKEA classics with the addition of some simple led string lights. I have so many big plans for our house and lighting plays a huge part. Our house is Victorian with some original features and would really suit some of the more daring designs out there. I love mixing up the old with the uber modern. I am loving anything industrial, copper, and wire at the moment, these would fit right in. It's probably a good thing the purse strings are slightly tied, my wishlist is FULL to the max with beautiful lighting ideas.


I love the industrial approach to design at the moment and truly adore this collection from Karman. We have very high ceilings here and I would kill for this sort of look in any room. It would require a full room makeover too (sorry Mr. Waffle) which to me is never a bad thing - who doesn't love a transformation.

Picture - Design Milk
To get an idea of what's on offer and the sort of things that are catching my eye at the moment design wise, check out the selection below. I'm obsessed with jars so I think I really need to find some sort of way to incorporate this into my lighting, either home made or shopped for. The hollow wire frames are to die for, paired with a vintage bulb for the perfect look. Hand blown glass is always high on my list of loves too. I just think it is so beautiful, so clever and the fact every one is a one off and handmade makes these all the more exciting. Another obsession of mine is anything relating to the beautiful octopus. They fascinate me in every way and although this shade is a sore thumb right here, it would work wonders in our blue themed living room.

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  1. I always love having a nosey at peoples lighting when i'm out walking the dogs - if someone leaves their curtains open in the evening i'm always enviously staring in at their inviting lights. I love the copper light shade in your article.