Thursday, November 08, 2018

Mama Style || Winter Warmers - Aldi

We are big Aldi fans in this house and never more so than when our favourite Special Buy ranges come into store and we get to search for hidden treasures in those middle aisles. We love Aldi even more so when it's nearly Christmas and all the winter goodies come into store, and not just the Christmas food...

This week Aldi launched their Winter Warmers range in store (and online) and as always there's some lovely bits that won't break the bank but will put a smile on your face as you cosy up this winter. With the perfect lounge clothes, accessories and beautiful warming blankets for the coming winter months, there's something for everyone, some of which would make great gifts too. Everyone NEEDS socks and that's a fact. I love the Aldi blankets, but I'm also loving their big chunky scarves this year, I'm all about the cosy. Here's a sneak preview to give you a taste of what you might find on your next visit.

Scarves - £8.49 | Jumper dress - £14.99 | Pyjamas - £9.99 | Slippers - £5.99 | Boots - £14.99 | Dressing gown - £9.99 | Waffle top - £7.99 | Glitter socks - £2.99 | Blanket - £14.99

I'm in dire need of new PJs and can't wait to pick some up as well as a new fresh blanket! I buy a new one every winter so they are super fluffy, we have a fair few now, can you have too many blankets? The Winter Warmers range is in store and online at right now, so be quick as these always fly off the shelves! I've had a little look on the site and it looks like there's a lot more to come for Christmas, so keep your eyes and your carrots peeled!

What would be on your winter warmers shopping list?