Thursday, November 22, 2018

Healthy Mama || Healthy Winter Skin

Winter can be hard for all kinds of reasons, but for our skin it can be a particularly tough time of year. With the cold weather taking it's toll, increased exposure to air con and dry cracked hands, we need to give our skin a little extra TLC all over to prevent damage, keeping skin soft and nourished throughout the colder months. Although we all have our 'go to' skin care products and routines, it can be a good idea to tailor your regime to the current season, to make sure you're getting exactly what you need.


Clean your skin with warm but not hot water. Although the thought of a super hot bath or shower is very appealing when the temperature drops outside, it can do more harm than good, stripping our skin of natural oils and causing irritation. Avoid anything too strong on the skin, or anything that may potentially dry you out. Oil based micellar water is a good all round cleanser that will help keep your skin looking fresh whilst removing all traces of dirt and makeup from the day on your face. For your body, bathe in hydrating bath milks and soothing bubble bath. Again, avoid strong scents and artificial additives that will damage your skin while it's vulnerable and possibly already slightly damaged by the colder weather. Use neutral cleansers such as the daily cleansing cream from the Cetraben range which also doubles up as a moisturiser, perfect for problematic, dry or sensitive skin and available from your local chemist for just £7.99 (200ml).


When choosing your moisturiser for winter, opt for more natural options with ingredients known more for their hydrating properties such as chamomile and oils as well as soothing qualities with things like jojoba, aloe and oatmeal. I love Aveeno creams for ultimate soothing and for a daily moisturiser I choose anything that's packed with natural ingredients such as the Eden's Semilla Jojoba oil moisturiser which instantly makes skin hair and nails radiant. You may even want to consider a full moisturise over night, just like me would with hair masks. If you choose the right product, your skin can be nourished while you sleep. By morning, your skin will be re-hydrated and ready to fight another cold day.


To give your skin an extra chance of radiance this winter, you could supplement your vitamin intake with a formula such as the Care Collagen beauty formula which has been specifically formulated to give skin a helping hand. Although it's suitable all year round, when winter rolls in and your skin is being tested to the utmost, supplements can really help to give your skin the extra boost it needs. There's no shame in admitting that sometimes, it's not all that easy to get what we need from diet alone, so supplements can bridge the gap to keep us in tip top condition for just a few pounds a month. These Care Collagen beauty formula capsules are currently just £13.45 at Weldricks too, making them just 15p a day!

Protect your skin from the elements

On particularly cold days, our hands can get a real thrashing, particularly if we wash our hands a lot and don't moisturise them regularly. Wear gloves to protect hands from the elements, add layers of clothing that can be easily reduced, made from fabrics that won't irritate the skin. Winter woollies are very appealing, but be sure to not have them directly touching the skin to avoid irritation, by simply adding a thin layer between the two. 


Scrubbing skin may seem like a bad idea when it's potentially being blasted by cold air, air con and all those winter nasties. Actually though, winter more than ever can dry out your skin leaving dead skin cells that need removing in order for the healthier skin beneath to get what it needs and shine through. Without removing those dead skin cells, your moisturiser will not be able to do it's thing as they will be blocked by old skin. Once or twice a week, take the time to gently exfoliate to remove those cells allowing the fresh skin beneath to be hydrated and cared for. You could create your own sugar scrub, gently use a loofah of some kind or use your preferred product. The main thing in winter is to lightly exfoliate, not cause any further irritation to your skin and stick to little and often as opposed to a mass exfoliation.

Keep hydrated & eat well

As always, eating the right foods and drinking plenty of fluids plays a huge part in health, especially when it comes to the skin. Our skin can be such a neglected part of our bodies and whilst we tend to consider our internal health significantly, skin health can often be further down on the list. By just adding a little extra water into your diet, as well as foods rich in fatty acids, vitamins and oils, we can further help our skin get what it needs from the inside.

Add layers, not heat 

In winter, instead of cranking up the heating which can dry out our skin greatly, opt for wearing more layers, cosying up with a blanket and getting a fluffy dressing gown ready for after baths and showers so you can re-heat quickly. Also, if your clothing gets wet while out in the rain or snow, make sure to change into clean dry clothing as soon as you can. Leaving damp clothes on the skin for a prolonged period can irritate the skin or cause itching. If you have no choice but to stay in those clothes for longer than you'd like, be sure to treat your skin to a good moisturising session afterwards and don't be tempted to jump in that hot hot shower!

Sunscreen products

Last but not least is sunscreen. This is the last thing you'd think of during winter and although we don't get quite the same sunshine alongside the snow like other places, we still get that glare from the snow which can damage your skin just like the summer sun. Even on duller days, the harmful UV rays from the sun can still cause damage, so it's as important as ever to consider further protection for your skin.You don't have to opt for full sun screen, but be sure to look for products like foundations or face creams that have a suitable SPF within them to help combat that winter sun for all exposed areas.

In short, by simply switching up our routine for the season and having a better intake of the right things, we can help to prevent damage to our skin this winter and avoid that dreaded dried out sore skin that can be so common this time of year. Look after your family's skin with the right care and you'll sail through winter looking and feeling brighter than ever!

What's your 'go to' winter skin care product?

*Collaborative post