Sunday, November 25, 2018

Mama Life || Aquaphor Skincare

Keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy gets increasingly harder once you hit your thirties and sometimes you just need an on the go product that you can stick in your bag and use freely throughout the day, especially when cold weather hits hard. We don't want to break the bank, but we want products that work and if they work with all family members across the board too - then that's even better.

As a big fan of the Eucerin range already, I was delighted to try out their Aquaphor product which is a smoothing skin balm perfect for the colder weather with wind swept skin and dry hands. This is also so gentle, you can even use it on babies skin making this a versatile handbag/changing bag must have all year round, but especially on days like today where I felt like an actual human snowman as we ventured round an ice cold cathedral on a school trip.

Aquaphor can be used on dry cracked skin, sore hands and feet and even in the nappy area for little ones. This truly is super gentle and free from any nasties, fragrances and preservatives (though not to be used on open or wet wounds). You can apply this balm to your face as it helps your skin's own regeneration process with instant results as you see a non greasy sheen protecting your skin whilst still allowing it to breathe. My skin always looks dehydrated, so I'm always happy for something that helps with that.

Sophie has just had her plaster cast removed from her arm, it went from her knuckles to arm pit and left the skin underneath dry, scaly and itchy. We've applied this 'magic cream' every day and her skin now looks even better than on her other arm! This was a great test to see if it would relieve the itching but also improve the look of her skin and give it a more hydrated appearance - it didn't disappoint.

Winter can really give our skin a good thrashing and as much as we try and keep little ones warm, there's no way of keeping all skin covered from the elements, so a little helping hand with an affordable versatile product like Aquaphor skin balm does just the job. You can instantly feel the protective layer this product leaves on your skin, without a greasy or sticky feel. For me, I love that my skin gets an instant healthy and hydrated look to it and I know that I can pop it on the kids without worry, knowing it will sooth their skin without containing anything that could cause any further flare up. I like to leave this on my face and hands under gloves over night to give it a head start for the next cold morning.

As a fan of the Eucerin brand already when it comes to skin care (especially for anti ageing), I think Aquaphor will now be a regular staple in my handbag for every day use too. As someone that's forever washing my hands and constantly suffering from dry cracked hands in winter, this has already made a huge difference. Well done Eucerin!

This post is an entry for the BritMums #MyAquaphor Challenge, sponsored by Eucerin. Discover the benefits of Eucerin