Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mama Life || If Christmas Could Wait ...

I absolutely love Christmas but hate that once again I have a feeling of dread coming over me thinking about it. The main thing for me is the thought of bringing stuff into the house (even if it will soon be gifted) when the house is already bursting at the seams and I'm desperately trying to have a monster clear out. 

If Christmas could just wait a few more months, I could get a bit more organised, clear out earlier and get shopping. It's not like I haven't had 11 months notice is it? I feel like I'm spinning too many plates at the moment and it feels impossible to get anywhere with it.

I've applied for a job which is big news for me, I think getting back out into the world amongst people would do me so much good and although I have no idea if I stand a chance, it's a big change and a real jump into the next chapter of our lives so it feels good but really really strange at the same time. This week, my head is totally focused on preparing for that, so the decluttering I started last week has taken a back seat along with some commission work and blog work. Once my interview is out the way this week and I know either way, I'll get back to spinning my plates perfectly without them all being a bit of a wobble!

Last weeks clear out went really well, I still have a long way to go but I already feel like I can breathe better in the house, isn't it weird how much of an effect clutter can have on our brain? Knowing what toys we have, where they are and that our front room is now completely cleared out from unnecessary decor and old toys feels great. I got rid of a lot of clothes too as I had so many charity buys (I never try those on) and super old clothes that I either can't fit in right now or just won't wear and wonder why I was hanging on to them. These have now all gone to charity so I have a much better idea of what clothing I have and know that I can and will wear it all. For the rest of the house I will have to be really cut throat and just donate anything that doesn't get used, particularly in the kids rooms which are a bit of a disaster area, especially with Soph having SO many clothes in an age range of about 6 years - crazy!

With Christmas fast approaching, I'm getting more organised and seeing as though its next month like it or not, I have to stop procrastinating and focus on the jobs at hand. This will all be a lot easier when I know if I will be starting a job or not, so that's my first priority and I've written a good long list to help me keep on track with everything else. I find that when I write lists it literally takes the jumbled mix of tasks out my head, so I can relax a bit more and tick them off as I go. So Christmas, come at me bro.

Are you getting organised for Christmas yet?