Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Healthy Mama || Stay Healthy This Winter

All you parents out there will know that as soon as the Autumn term rolls in, the germs come out in force and suddenly kids are bringing home all sorts from sick bugs to rotten colds. Washing hands and keeping warm is key this time of year, but sometimes you just need a little helping hand to keep on top of things, staying healthy throughout the colder months and keeping your immune system as strong as you can.

I thought I'd share with you some essential tips and products that will help keep us on top this winter, and whilst we can't completely keep ourselves in a germ free bubble, we can stay as healthy as possible to at the every least minimise the extent of any bugs we do catch. 

Eat more fibre

Eating fibre has many benefits, but for winter, increasing you fibre intake will help boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and keep your digestive system healthy. To get more fibre in your body, the easiest way is through diet, with things like fruit and vegetables as well as wholegrain cereals. You can also take supplements or fibre drinks if you need a little extra and can't face the high fibre foods.

Increase your vitamins 

Eating fruit and vegetables in an easy way to boost our immune system with those much needed essential vitamins. In winter though it can be hard to get your diet right when often we crave more stodgy comfort foods. However, finding new recipes and exciting ways to prepare fruits and veggies can be really helpful, Pinterest has thousands of ideas!

If like me you're sloppy with your healthy food intake some days, then don't leave it to chance. Instead, choose a supplement such as the Care Advanced Immune Support which will give your daily dose of Beta-Glucans, Elderberry, Vitamin D3 and odour-controlled garlic as well as vitamins A & C, zinc and selenium that contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Get active

Exercise as always is a big part of staying healthy, but even more so in colder months. Exercise will give you more energy needed for fighting off bugs but also keep your muscles and joints moving, making you far less likely to suffer with winter joint pains and muscle aches. You don't have to do hardcore gym work outs, simply just taking some longer walks in the crisp fresh air can work wonders for your body and mind. In winter we tend to get sluggish and reduced daylight hours can soon take their toll. Make the most of the daylight, get walking and see if you can beat those winter woes.

Sleep well

With longer darker nights, it's sometimes easier to sleep, but sometimes getting to sleep is the problem. Try and wind down before bedtime, reduce stimulants such as coffee and nicotine in the last few hours before bed as well as screen use. Getting a good nights sleep can boost our energy levels and reduce the chances of getting run down, which can make us more susceptible to picking up those unwanted germs.

Drink more fluids

Most of us need to try harder with our water intake all year round, but it does have particular benefits in winter making it increasingly more important to up those fluid levels. Water helps by taking oxygen to our cells which keeps our body working in better order. An increased intake of water also helps rid our kidneys or toxins and helps our cells take in those much needed nutrients. In turn, this keeps our immune systems boosted and our organs and muscles functioning as best they can. To 'spice' up your water and make it more appealing, why not pop in some fruit to add a bit of flavour and even more goodness.

By taking on some of the above tips, we can all give our bodies that little bit of extra support needed to up our immune systems through the winter months when nasty bugs are rife. As well as taking that extra bit of care for ourselves, arm kids with anti bacterial gel for school and encourage everyone to wash their hands when returning home and during school and work.

What are your top tips for beating the bugs and staying on top of your health this time of year?

* Collaborative post