Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Mama Life || Funky Pigeon - Believe In Happy

This ones a bit different to the usual gift guides that come up this time of year, and it's in collaboration with Funky Pigeon, who no doubt you know best for their brilliant ranges of personalised cards and gifts? I thought I'd share their awesome 'Believe In Happy' campaign thought up by Funky Pigeon designer Amy who like me suffered from post natal depression. 30% of net sales from the Believe In Happy range goes to 'Mind' charity, an organisation that provides advice and support to those suffering from mental health issues in England and Wales. 

As mental health is something pretty close to my heart, I love that not only is a big company like Funky Pigeon helping to spread awareness of what is still a very misunderstood health sector, but also actively supporting the cause by contributing to a great charity and selling super thoughtful gifts and cards for any occasion. Sometimes, when you're suffering, you don't need grand gestures, you don't even want human contact some days, but to know someone is thinking of you and even receiving a little treat to raise a smile can work wonders. If you, or someone you know could use a little light in your day, then it's well worth checking out all the lovely designs and thoughtful gifts. Here's a little more from the people at Funky Pigeon;

"Here at Funky, we feel that so many people send/receive get well soon cards and kind wishes for a physical illness, yet only a minority do the same for a mental illness. We want to change this by encouraging people to open up about their illness and help to reduce the stigma that surrounds it.
So we’re now offering a selection of cards and gifts in support of mental health. All products will include messages of hope, encouragement and most importantly, information on how and who to contact if the recipient needs help or support. We will be donating 30% of net sales from the Believe in Happy card & gift ranges to the charity - Mind, whose invaluable help, information and advice can be life-changing.
The ‘Believe in Happy’ campaign has not only been developed to support and aid recovery for people already suffering with mental illness, but to try and reduce the risk of becoming ill from the outset. We have introduced happier working practises in our office and put in place outlets for people to offload their thoughts and feelings, as well as educating ourselves on the warning signs of mental illness so that we can support each other as best we can.
We will be sharing all of this with you through social media and hope to inspire you and your friends/colleagues to do the same and ‘Believe in Happy’ just like we do!"

I love the message from FP and the work they are doing. I wish more large companies would embrace ideas like this and help to normalise issues which for many of us are sadly a part of every day life. This is such a great campaign and I love that sales will directly help those that need it. Well done Amy and Funky Pigeon! Here's a sneak preview of some of the Believe In Happy range on sale right now;

I really love the range of thoughtful gifts and cards in this campaign. Although it's not as simple as just making yourself happy, making time for yourself, having things to help you relax, put a smile on your face and getting little reminders that through whatever storm you're sailing through, you are loved, is what it's all about. I think they have the message just right and  I'd love to see the range grow with possibly some more 'male' and child focused designs too, I absolutely adore what Amy has achieved here. Here's what Amy's colleague Simon had to say about her brilliant work at Funky Pigeon;

"Amy has had a great impact on the staff here, just from reading her story and seeing how dedicated she is to driving this campaign. Many of us know someone who has been affected by mental health problems too and we’re really pleased to be able to offer cards and gifts that not only help someone to know they’re being thought of, but also raises money for charity.

We know these are only simple gestures and not life-changing but at a time when mental health awareness seems to be gaining traction in the media, it’s great to help drive this forward and it’s important for companies to help raise awareness (even just a little), as it’s such a significant issue. We obviously sell many get well soon cards but feel it’s important to not limit these to a physical illness but to encourage the sending of these cards for a mental illness too.

We don’t have huge resources here at FP but we try and tie in our mindfulness gifts/cards to many seasonal occasions which includes anything from our new Christmas thinking of you cards to well being gifts for teachers at the end of term! This in turn helps us play a tiny part in raising money and helping to generate awareness all year round."

- Simon Osborne, Funky Pigeon

For something a little more seasonal, there's even a range of Christmas themed 'thinking of you' cards which are the perfect sentiment to let someone know you care at what can be a very lonely or stressful time of year.

It's a real relief when somebody just 'gets it'. Having a mental health issue is so often just brushed off as being something else, it's always nice to talk to that friend that understands and to get that same message of understanding from a big company like this is fab. If you know someone that's struggling right now, I bet they'd love to receive something like this to know they are in your thoughts and loved. Support in any form is so appreciated and having something delivered puts no pressure on the recipient to be sociable which I love even more.

Read all about it over on the Funky Pigeon website by clicking right here.