Saturday, November 24, 2018

Mama Life || Looking To December

Sometimes you have to just sit back and think of all the positives. It's so easy to focus on the negatives so at times it's great to just refocus, think of all the good things we are blessed with in life, make positive changes and not solely think about those doom and gloom down sides of life. Here's my gratitude list looking forward to December;

My babies are happy, healthy and here.

I live in a great community.

I applied for a job (which is BIG for me!)

I've managed to lose some weight without stressful dieting.

I'm loving my art work at the moment and feeling really confident with it. My book designs are going well too!

The washing pile has halved this week - mega.

I've done lots of decluttering and made some much needed space. Our house is finally taking shape.

What are you thankful for this month?