Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Mama Style || November Favourites

In November I think aside from about three days I've really just gone for cosy, lazy hair days covered with a beanie and as much fluff or knit as I could muster. I am in love with the fluffy collar/scarves, the one below is from Primark and is just £6, but super thick and fluffy and really boosts an outfit, even on a lazy day. I love my rainbow tops too which I wore for a special boy's memorial day.

This month I sampled some winter warmers from Aldi and as always I was really impressed with their range and the quality of the fabrics. There may still be some in store or online, so if you missed that post, you can find it by clicking right here

I also wrote about shopping for party season, with all those Christmas dos coming up and fun Christmas days, you can read all about it by clicking right here

Hopefully I'll get in the swing of new season dressing and get out of my current slump! I do love that a beanie can save a bad hair day and pretty much anything can hide under a coat, but I do need to try a little harder!

What were your must wears this month?