Friday, November 16, 2018

Home Style || Have Yourself A Scandi Little Christmas

There's no doubt that the UK has gone utterly cuckoo for all things 'Scandi'. The Nordic style and way of life is unsurprisingly appealing, with it's laid back, cosy and loving feel. Style wise, un-cluttered neutral beautiful spaces with small pings of colour and a raw natural style decor have us hook line and sinker in love with Scandi living. 

When it comes to Christmas, it's easy to go overboard with decorations and not only can this be costly, it doesn't always satisfy the Christmas feel and look that we crave. Decorations are totally down to personal choice, and whilst one person may want an 80's multi coloured foil decoration bonanza, another would prefer and all white and delicate sparkle style. With so many options for decorating at Christmas, I'm going to home in on that Nordic charm we all love, the Scandi style Christmas that will satisfy our need to embellish our dwellings, but also feel cosy, calm and not clutter our homes in the process. It's all about that Hygge...

🎝Have yourself a scandi little Christmas 🎝

First of all, if you're after a Scandi style Christmas in your home this year, here's the 'in a nut shell' list of things to aim for...

Embrace the winter and all that comes with it. See the cold as a chance to snuggle up, bring out the knits and light that fire. Enjoy the snow, enjoy a cold red nose and the relief of walking into a nice warm home. Enjoy those warm winter treats, that mug of hot chocolate, mulled wine and warm baked food. Seeing the good in the cold weather is very un-British but much more of a Scandi way of thinking.

Have soft lighting, candles to give rooms a loving glow and if you can't use real candles, battery ones will be just fine. Light the fire, turn on the electric heater, mix up those fabrics to create a sense of warmth and create calm relaxing living spaces that scream cosiness.

Surround yourself with family and those who make you happy. Grab some extra seating, pop out some extra blankets and make sure everyone has a soft happy spot to sit on while you enjoy your Christmas.

Declutter as much as possible. I'm not saying live in an empty box, but we all know busy rooms make busy minds, so the less clutter, the more rested your mind will feel. Avoid clutter, embrace the space.

Embrace nature, get creative with natural resources such as holly, berries, ivy and twigs. Rescue those pine cones, make that wreath and find a way to bring the outside in to decorate your home.

Add metallics and gentle colours. Metallics work so well with any theme at Christmas, but particularly with a soft neutral Scandi style. Embrace a touch of colour alongside your soft neutral tones, but use it wisely with subtle splashes to compliment your natural finds. Quite often people will compliment neutral tones with the green of the tree and a simple red and gold colour scheme.

Add patterned cushions and fabrics, thick knits and a range of textures.

Go easy on the tree, decorate freely but don't over do the decorations hiding the beauty of the tree itself. Wrap gifts in eco friendly brown papers, but embellish with colourful ribbons and natural leaves to make the tree area look even more special.

In short, the Scandi style Christmas has a clean, natural un-cluttered cosy feel, with gentle colours, Nordic patterns. It's all about love, comfort and warmth and making our homes a twinkling happy place to be in.