Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Home Style || November Favourites

In November we've loved having our new kitchen/dining space. Although we've been left needing to undo some of the work to treat damp (ARGGHHH), it is what it is and it's still a lvoely space which we've used loads. We've eaten together a lot more around the table, the kids have enjoyed crafts there and we've enjoyed having a quiet spot to sit by the window, with a blanket on chillier days. I think that's my favourite spot in the house now and I love having somewhere tidy to retreat to when I need five minutes peace. Even if that peace is only actually two minutes followed by the kids doing knee slides on the new floor.

We've done heaps around the house getting rid of things we don't need and sent to car loads to charity. It feels so good to have a clear out and it's left me thirsty for more, with plenty to be getting on with. It feels like a never ending mission but I do feel like we're getting somewhere now too.

I've been quiet on the blog this month as well as in real life, but I did write one post about the things you should consider before taking on home renovations - most learnt through bitter experience and regret! If you missed it, just click on the picture below and it'll take you there.

For December, my main aim is to cull as much in the house as possible to make breathing space as well as room for all those Christmas decorations that will be heading in soon. There is still too uch stuff absolutely everywhere so that is this months focus as well as finishing off the decorating (aside from damp areas) in the new kitchen.

Did you do anything exciting in your home this month?